Thursday, June 29, 2006

JamCore Training - HELL YA!

Hey, you have to check out what Bodybuilding great, Jamo Nezzar is up to - click on his video below:

Get this video and more at

His company is revolutionizing how people get in shape. Visit it's a bad ass site!

Adrian Burke - cuz Chris is on holidays

Wednesday, June 14, 2006

The Myth is Reality

The training arsenal that is going to let you lift like never before is almost here – ZEUS. If you want to lift like a Gym-God you had better have your ZEUS.

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This test booster will build the mountains of muscle that you are striving for. ZEUS is a non-proprietary blend product giving scientifically proven ingredients in effective amounts that have been shown to increase the ability to produce testosterone.
Coming very soon – ZEUS – Be a Gym God.

Chris Belanger - VP Sales

Thursday, June 08, 2006

The NEXT Monica Brant

Little Maia-Sofia enjoying the first issue of REPS! Magazine.
REPS! “The Science Of Body Shaping” is the newest edition to Robert Kennedy’s lineup of great bodybuilding magazines. Check it out!
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Chris Belanger – VP Sales

Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Gym Warriors

Just a little shout out to Paul Desimone who has come on board with Fusion Nutrition Inc. and the Bodybuilding Culture.

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Paul at the age of 26 has been pumping iron for 12 years. He is a Personal Trainer and the owner of Gym Warriors in Peabody, Massachusetts. If you want to get in contact with Paul for Personal Training or need to pick up some Purple-K and T2, he can be emailed at This guy knows his stuff so check him out.

Chris Belanger – VP Sales

Friday, June 02, 2006

Insane Energy!

Thanks to the Bodybuilding Culture, the month of May was a great month for launching new products and the development of future projects.
Our partners from down under in Australia have jumped on board with the Insane Energy supplement – FUBAR. You can visit them online at:
If you are looking to increase your workout intensity and you don’t feel like mixing up one of those repulsive tasting drink mixes that are going to blow out your ass. Just drop 2 of the orange capsules found in a bottle of FUBAR 30 minutes before training and have that euphoric blast of energy take you to a new level of pushing iron.
For more info on FUBAR – please visit:


Chris Belanger – VP Sales