Monday, January 22, 2007

What BODYBUILDING's all about!!!

We received this e-mail and I wanted to share it with you. A real inspiration - un-edited:

"Hello my name is Darrell T Banks born July 11 1967 in Brooklyn New York as a child i always had a muscular built at the age of 12 touch my first weight and never put it down
just loved the feeling of blood flow thru my veins as i feel the splendid feeling of being pumped muscles bellies filling like there got to pop from working out so hard!!!!!!! i join my first gym at the age of 13 paradise gym in jamaica queens new york 1980 i was surrounded be old skool muscle heads so i at a early age i knew the mean of NO PAIN NO GAIN i compete in my 1st bodybuilding show at 15 eastern metropolis got 5th place most people would be happy but for me angry at myself meaning i needed to train harder in the gym by the time i was 17th i was winning all teenage shows then i competed in my first open mens show at 18 yrs old i competed in the middle weight class got 2nd at that time i said to myself maybe i can be really good at bodybuilding after i took time of being qualified for nationals need to be bigger i hooked up with a ifbb pro john terrelli at natural physique gym by the time i was 20 i was 5'5 in the 240's getting ready for 1988 nationals for heavyweight class but my life had a dramatic changed july 27 1988 a auto accident i became partially paralized !!!!!!! my dream of being a ifbb pro was gone without a trace but the iron game taught me to never give up !!!!!!!!!
in 1992 i got the fever for powerlifting. lakeshore facility in birmingham alabama sponsored me i got the chance to travel the world competeing in powerlifting won a few shows in the 81kg 181 lbs weight class but now back to my first love bodybuilding but with a slight different twist wheelchair bodybuilding right now getting ready for my 1st show wheelchair bodybuilding nationals in palm beach fl march 10th. The iron game tought me a few things never give up and to try try try again until you get it right!!!!!!! and the weight won't move until you put forth the effort to move it!!!!!!!! Iron game and Life game run on the same princpals! the love the effort the persude and the trill of accomplishment!!!!!!!!! to all my ironheads and Ms ironheads STAY STRONG !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AND BELIEVE IN YOURSELF!!! IF YOU DON'T WHO WILL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! MUCH LOVE

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Now for all the whiners - SHUT UP AND TRAIN!!!

Adrian Burke

Thursday, January 18, 2007

Katie Uter's Fitness Explosion Camp - HOLLA!

3 Weeks Til Katie Uter's Fitness Explosion Camp!

Katie Uter, 2001 Ms. Fitness Universe and 2006 Ms. Bikini Universe, is hosting a fitness training camp in New Orleans, Louisiana, January 26th - 28th. Katie has been competing, coaching, and modeling in the fitness industry for over 10 years. She is now offering a weekend training to teach women the skills they need to enter and succeed in the fitness competition and modeling industry. You won't want to miss this weekend of motivation, education, and fun! Oxygen Magazine will be flying to New Orleans just to cover this event. Katie will also be assisted by several other successful competitors in the competition circuit who will share their expertise as well. There is even a VIP event on Saturday night at Republic in New Orleans for all the ladies attending the camp. There are now girls registered from all over the United States and even one girl coming from Germany for the camp! It is not too late to register! You can find all the details at:

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Adrian Burke

Thursday, January 11, 2007


Well it looks like the marketing department has been working hard. After much dialogue with bodybuilders who use PURPLE-K it has been concluded that the number one reason they continue to buy is: EXPLOSIVE STRENGTH. Props the marketing guys - this advert speaks the truth.

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Chris Belanger - VP Sales

Tuesday, January 02, 2007

FUSION Hoodie Contest - Prove You're a GYM GOD!

We recently ran a contest on We asked people to prove they are a GYM GOD by sending us a video clip and the top 6 entries would win a killer FUSION Hoodie. Thank you to everyone who entered!

These are the 6 winners, in random order:

Atomic Lee - Strong Man Competition

Brotherhood - 265 x 5 Deads

Srombado - 405 Squat

Panic66 - 315 Bench for reps

Mr. Aries - 405 Stiff-Leg Deads

Babolat06 - 450 x 30 Hammer Strength Squats

Chris Belanger - VP Sales