Wednesday, September 30, 2009

FUSION at the Mr. Olympia Expo.

There was a buzz about FUSION this year at the Mr. Olympia Expo. Our team took care of business!

Big Ron Partlow interviewing Craig and Julie for Canadian Bodybuilding Radio.

Muscular Development in Poland is doing a feature on FUSION. Craig is representing!

Yet another interview...the crew was definetly busy.

Monday, September 28, 2009

74 and kicking ass.

74 year-old Tsutomu Tosaka of Japan proved this past weekend you are never too old to body build. Mr. Tosaka won the overall title at the 21st Japan Masters Bodybuilding Championship in Tokyo. The competition was for men over-seventy, and impressively had a field of seven competitors, all of whom were born before World War II, vying for the title. Apparently, Mr. Tosaka didn’t start bodybuilding until he was 40, but hasn’t stopped since.

The dumbbell with the dumbbell.

Warning! This post might disturb some readers.

In the gym one of the fundamental tools in our struggle to increase our muscle size is a dumbbell. But one Newport Beach, California resident took the use of a dumbbell plate waaaay too far. In an attempt to pump-up the size of his – um, "man muscle", ah, you know, his penis – he put his apparently wee "willy" in the dumbbell hole (no, not like the gag gift above). Then after two days of being unable to remove his "john thomas" from the hole due to swelling, and realizing that it turning black and ballooning to five time its normal size wasn't the kind of growth he was looking for, he went to the hospital. The docs had to call in the local fire department to cut the plate off. Which, they actually did without harming him. Think I'm lying? Nope, it was first reported in the Newport Beach Daily Pilot. Read it for yourself. The lesson to be learned here? Be happy with what you can't change, and focus on improving what you can, oh, and make sure to wash your hands after touching the dumbbells if you're ever in Newport Beach.

2009 Mr Olympia

Jay's done it. He's the taken back the title, and he's the only guy in history to ever take the title back from the person who took it from him. Arnold of course did regain the title in 1980, 5 years after losing it, but of course he didn't compete in the off years.

As usual there is some controversy over the placing. Dexter only landed 3rd. Heath, who was expected to be a major player this year landed 5th. But we'll leave the arguing to the message boards. All we have to say is congrats Jay.

The TOP 6 in 2009
1st Jay Cutler
2nd Branch Warren
3rd Dexter Jackson
4th Kai Greene
5th Phil Heath
6th Victor Martinez

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

FUSION at the WBFF World Championships.

There was a lot of build-up for this year’s WBFF World Championships at the Living Arts Centre in Mississauga. The bodybuilding forums and Facebook have been filled with chatter. Some people have been sceptical while others see the need for change in Canadian bodybuilding and have embraced what the WBFF stand for…giving back to the athletes. Well, after witnessing this year’s show it’s clear that the WBFF has taken over at the premier Canadian bodybuilding organization.

Not only does the WBFF have the finest production in all of bodybuilding but Paul Dillett and his amazing team have put together the largest prize purse in Canadian bodybuilding and fitness history. Giving away over 120 grand worth of cash and prizes, the athletes left feeling like they are finally getting what they deserve. The FUSION team managed to grab some cash and hardware of their own. Both Dan Ziccardi (Middleweight) and Dave Naugler (Pro Division) managed to take 3rd in their very tough classes and FUSION advocate Craig Bonnett took second in the Pro Division. Way to go guys we’re proud of you!

I’d also like to say, on a more personal note, that the highlight of my WBFF experience was meeting Wayne DeMilia. You know times are changing when one of the men who help build the Mr. Olympia is taking interest in what’s going on.

If you’re interested in seeing more of the WBFF stage, we’ll be uploading all the routines at

The team at the FUSION booth.


Tuesday, September 15, 2009

On-set With Stone Cold.

Long-time FUSION athlete, Paul “The Mauler’” Lazenby, has been in the movie bizz for a long time now. He has flipped for and fought with some of Hollywood’s best. From getting clocked in the face to making indecent proposals (on Ashton Kucher in the Butterfly Effect), Paul has done it all. Recently he found himself on the set of “The Stranger” for which he stunt-doubled Steve Austin. He said the last day was the best day ever and this is why: “I did a backward air-ram (compressed-air-driven catapult) away from an exploding car and landed on the next house’s lawn. INTENSE to say the least!”

WHAT?! My idea of an intense day is double dosing on some coffee. So, now I wait here…sipping on java thinking I have to re-consider the excitement level in my life.


Friday, September 11, 2009

Another Bodybuilding Murder.

This news comes courtesy of

Bodybuilder found guilty of January murder.

Updated: Thursday, 10 Sep 2009, 8:15 PM EDT
Published : Thursday, 10 Sep 2009, 8:15 PM EDT

GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. (WOOD) - The man man accused of strangling a woman on Grand Rapids' west side was was convicted of first-degree murder Thursday.

Kenneth Ray Thomas, 38, was charged with killing 53-year-old Debra Jean Vanklaveren. Her body was found in her apartment January 5th in the 300 block of Indiana Avenue SW. Police originally thought it might have been a natural death, but changed their minds when they couldn't find her dog or car.


He will be sentenced October 8th to life in prison with no chance for parole.
Thomas' MySpace page shows he lived his life in the gym. Most of his pictures show him flexing in what appears to be a bodybuilding competition. He says on the Web site that his hero is Jesus and his faith is what keeps him strong.

How do I get my bodybuilder name?

"The Austrian Oak." "The Blade." "The Freakin' Rican." Bodybuilders have been sporting nicknames since the early days. Back in the late 1800s and early 20th century, bodybuilders didn't just pose in competitions – they performed feats of strength for paying audiences. It was just good business to sensationalize themselves. There's a reason Ed Fury didn't put Ed Holovchik on the marquee, or why a guy named Angelo Siciliano changed his name to Charles Atlas.

Plus, who wouldn't want be called "The King of Bodybuilders" like Clancy Ross? How about "The Shadow," as Dorian Yates was known? And what about Sergio Oliva's "The Myth"? There's nothing more manly than a good nickname, and for guys, isn't that what bodybuilding is all about – being the being the biggest, strongest, manliest man in the sandbox?

Truthfully, these names get created by the marketing and media guys, and sometimes they're a bit much. But getting a name and making it stick is two different things. So bring on the badass nicknames. They may feel a bit juvenile at times, but I guarantee you there isn't a guy out there who wouldn't be at least secretly pleased to be called "The Duke" and have it stick.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Creatine for Cardio?

Everyone knows that creatine is simply awesome for building muscle, and that cardio is essential for good strong cardiovascular health and speedy recovery from brutal workouts. But have you ever wondered what the effect of creatine and cardio together would be? Scientists did, so they set out to find out.

Scientists divided subjects into two groups: a group taking creatine and a group taking a placebo. Neither the study participants nor the researchers themselves knew which group was actually getting dosed with creatine. Both groups did an intense cardio program for 11 weeks, with three cardio sessions per week, each lasting for 45 minutes. The scientists were testing to see the effects of creatine on cardiovascular health, as measured by plasma lipid profiles.

At the end of the study, researchers found that the plasma lipid profile did not change in any of the study participants. In other words, creatine supplementation did not have any benefit for cardiovascular exercise beyond the benefit of cardio alone.

So here’s your FUSION FACTOID: Creatine is great for building muscle, and some evidence suggests that it may even help you use oxygen better. But, the verdict is in: It doesn’t help you get extra health or performance benefits beyond the ones you would get from cardio alone. Stick to using creatine for what it does best: building muscle!

Source: Gualano B, et al. Does creatine supplementation improve the plasma lipid profile in healthy male subjects undergoing aerobic training? J Int Soc Sports Nut. 2008 Oct 3;5:16.

Dave Naugler is coming in large for the WBFF World Championships!

We are just under a week away form the 2009 WBFF World Championships and people are getting excited, for good reason. Paul Dillett and the WBFF team have successfully brought some much needed class and production value to bodybuilding shows. You can expect to experience some great entertainment, amazing physiques and this is the inaugural year for the WBFF Pro Division. This means there is cash to be won! Finally there is an organization that is rewarding the athletes for their hard work and dedication.

One such athlete is FUSION team member Dave Naugler. After a disappointing placing at the CBBF nationals in Vancouver, Dave has vowed to come in larger and, judging by the photo’s he sent me, he’s delivering. From speaking with Dave I also understand he’s planning on adding a little something extra to the show…that’s the WBFF way.

September 19th at the Living Arts Centre in Mississauga…be there!

Dave 'Ballistic' Naugler...coming in large.


Tuesday, September 08, 2009

God Versus The Gut.

Goodness knows I’ve been tempted by food, just like nearly every other person on the planet. A slice of something oh-so-sweet and fatty has been known to affect my cutting-cycle focus, but I never considered that chocolaty bit of heaven to be actually evil.

But natural bodybuilding champ and Christian church founder Ron Williams might just have another opinion. He’s recently come out with a book called Faith & Fat Loss, [] which teaches how to fight the sin of gluttony. “Your belly becomes your God,” Williams says.

But it’s not just the temptation of food that Williams addresses. Faith helps counteract the stress caused by events such as abuse, neglect or trauma – which Williams describes as “soul wounds” – that can cause people to be overweight or obese. The four-part plan involves reading Scripture, prayer, exercise and eating balanced, nutritious meals. If you’re really interested, you can wade through this 12-minute 700 Club interview [ ] with Williams.

I have to say, I don’t factor God into my training, but it certainly illustrates that there are all types out there. And if it’s what works for you, go for it.

Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Following Sam Stone on Facebook.

If your Facebook friends are anything like mine you can always bank on someone posting their bodybuilding progress pix. At any given time I can follow the bulking goals of one person and then hop on over to the National preparations of another. It’s always cool to see how each person deals with common difficulties. Some people post on-going motivational quotes to keep them in the right mindset. Others ask for their friends to give honest critiques of their physiques. It’s all rather engaging and I hazard to guess, the ability to now compare yourself to the competition before the show is going to bring a harder working and more dedicated bodybuilder to our sport.

One such bodybuilder is a guy from England named Sam Stone. He contacted me because he was very curious about our products. I gave him some words of encouragement and some supplement guidance. I followed his updates and he proved to be more dedicated than I would have thought. He was always posting updates and telling his followers how he was doing. In fact, the only real break from his bodybuilding progress that I saw was a sweet car he bought! True to his mission, he remained focused, stayed on his diet and come contest day he managed to snag 2nd at the Junior UKBFF SW Championships and qualified for the British Finals. Wow…I can’t imagine what that felt like for him. Way to go Sam…you’ve earned it.

Upon talking to him after his competition he showed his true colours by saying: “I need to be tighter!” That’s a sign of someone who’s going to have a strong future in this sport.