Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Following Sam Stone on Facebook.

If your Facebook friends are anything like mine you can always bank on someone posting their bodybuilding progress pix. At any given time I can follow the bulking goals of one person and then hop on over to the National preparations of another. It’s always cool to see how each person deals with common difficulties. Some people post on-going motivational quotes to keep them in the right mindset. Others ask for their friends to give honest critiques of their physiques. It’s all rather engaging and I hazard to guess, the ability to now compare yourself to the competition before the show is going to bring a harder working and more dedicated bodybuilder to our sport.

One such bodybuilder is a guy from England named Sam Stone. He contacted me because he was very curious about our products. I gave him some words of encouragement and some supplement guidance. I followed his updates and he proved to be more dedicated than I would have thought. He was always posting updates and telling his followers how he was doing. In fact, the only real break from his bodybuilding progress that I saw was a sweet car he bought! True to his mission, he remained focused, stayed on his diet and come contest day he managed to snag 2nd at the Junior UKBFF SW Championships and qualified for the British Finals. Wow…I can’t imagine what that felt like for him. Way to go Sam…you’ve earned it.

Upon talking to him after his competition he showed his true colours by saying: “I need to be tighter!” That’s a sign of someone who’s going to have a strong future in this sport.


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