Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Who Loves GYM-GODS?

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Nick Zak & Christina...getting cozy :-)

Chris Belanger - VP Sales

Back at it....AGAIN!

After 4 months away from the gym while recovering - FINALLY able to walk again. Back in the gym training my ass off. At this time I have realized lifting is all about quality and not about the quantity. Hell…what quantity, I couldn’t do quantity if I tried. My body feels like it just got hit by a Mack Truck and my recovery time sucks ass…but hells ya - back at it!

Oh ya - off to Vegas this weekend for the Mr. Olympia!!! :-)

Chris Belanger - VP Sales

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

GREAT Testimonial!

We received this testimonial today:

"Nearly 8 weeks ago I started a stack of Zeus and Purple-K by Fusion Nutrition. I can honestly say this stack has helped me put on 8 lbs and helping break a plateau I been stuck at for nearly 2 months.

Also with this stack I added .half an inch to my arms, one inch to both my quads and chest.

With Purple-K it gave me the extra energy to push out the few last reps. Also increased my bench press, squat and deadlift weight dramatically!

Zeus, an great new product. One of the best test enchancers I ever used without the nasty side effects. No zits or 'roid rage' from this. People said I looked alot fuller in the arms and chest. Here's a pic of my results - I can't wait to try another stack!"
- Kurt Kuhn

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Great job Kurt - keep it up!

Chris Belanger - VP Sales

Monday, September 11, 2006

Enough Said

Fusion athlete Paul Lazenby has been working in the film biz for a long time and is highly regarded. You may have seen him in the 'Butterfly Effect' as the bleached out cell mate of Ashton's. Well, Paul's a cool dude, so cool in fact he's been working with video monsters EA on a new Def Jam Wrestling 3 game. This pic pretty much says it all.

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After this session he played The Incredible Hulk. Like I said, the dude is cool!

Chris Belanger - VP Sales

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Aussie Rules!!!

It's always cool to recieve pix from customers and people who use our products. One of the coolest pix I've received was not of a jacked bodybuilder but rather of this sign from half way around the world. It would appear the world of ZEUS is spreading.

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ASN (Australian Sports Nutrition) is top down-under and one of the finest groups of people I have the pleasure of working with. Check 'em out:

Chris Belanger - VP Sales