Wednesday, September 20, 2006

GREAT Testimonial!

We received this testimonial today:

"Nearly 8 weeks ago I started a stack of Zeus and Purple-K by Fusion Nutrition. I can honestly say this stack has helped me put on 8 lbs and helping break a plateau I been stuck at for nearly 2 months.

Also with this stack I added .half an inch to my arms, one inch to both my quads and chest.

With Purple-K it gave me the extra energy to push out the few last reps. Also increased my bench press, squat and deadlift weight dramatically!

Zeus, an great new product. One of the best test enchancers I ever used without the nasty side effects. No zits or 'roid rage' from this. People said I looked alot fuller in the arms and chest. Here's a pic of my results - I can't wait to try another stack!"
- Kurt Kuhn

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Great job Kurt - keep it up!

Chris Belanger - VP Sales

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