Monday, July 31, 2006

Big Norm

Here's a video clip of Myspace favorite Big Norm. This dude is a spiritual man who has excelled in Bodybuilding and still keeps balance in his life. His work ethic and dedication is unmatched - we can all learn from him.

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Chris Belanger - VP Sales

Monday, July 17, 2006

JACKED Beyond Belief!!!

Do you want to be JACKED and LEAN throughout the summer? You can make it happen with this perfect stack:


Training Days: Take two (2) capsules of T2 15 minutes before breakfast. Take four (4) capsules of ZEUS with a pre-workout meal 60 minutes before training. Take two (2) capsules of Purple-K and two (2) capsules of T2 15 – 30 minutes before training. Post-workout take two (2) capsules of Purple-K.

Non-Training Days:
Take two (2) capsules of Purple-K in the morning upon rising. Take two (2) capsules of T2 15 minutes before breakfast. Take two (2) capsules of ZEUS with breakfast. Take two (2) capsules of T2 15 minutes before a mid afternoon meal. Take two (2) capsules of ZEUS with an evening meal.

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Make sure that you drink plenty of water when you are on this stack. With the heat from the T2 and the increase in your testosterone levels, you are going to need to cool things down!!!

Chris Belanger – VP Sales

Thursday, July 13, 2006

The Birth of ZEUS

It has been a chaotic past few months with the development of ZEUS, however we were able to get it launched and in the marketplace on schedule. I would like to give a shout out and a thank you to our retailers and distributors who have given us this opportunity. Most importantly, the Bodybuilding Culture, you guys are the one who make it happen…thank you.

We’re not done yet. Fusion Nutrition has been in the development stage of its next big discovery and this product is going to fire your muscles to the moon. Hell ya!!!

Chris Belanger – VP Sales

Thursday, July 06, 2006

Distribution Opportunities

We are currently seeking a distributor in the United States, Europe, Asia, and Central / South America for the movement of high quality supplements developed for the bodybuilding culture by Fusion Nutrition Inc.

Fusion Nutrition Inc. has been feeding the bodybuilding culture for over 10 years and is ready to expand globally. Our highly regarded and effective bodybuilding supplements are well marketed on the Internet and through the use of POS material.
Fusion Nutrition Inc. will supply the web presence for your company, brochures, and samples.

If you are an individual who has a strong sales background along with a positive attitude, and you want to expand into the supplement industry with one of the most well branded companies around, contact us HERE.

Whether you are a distributor or looking to start your own distribution company, the financial rewards are great with Fusion Nutrition Inc.

Chris Belanger – VP Sales