Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Be A Gym God

The time is near and in the next 4 – 6 weeks Fusion Nutrition Inc. will be launching the most scientifically proven formulation to hit the market in decades - ZEUS.

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ZEUS is the testosterone booster that will send your muscle growth to god-like levels. By increasing your testosterone you will be able to increase your muscle density and hardness. ZEUS will explode your muscle growth in every direction and soon you will be able to blast away through the iron, plate after plate.

If you go to the gym and you are looking to be a god, ZEUS is a must for you. Big, Strong, and Confident is the way you will be as you enter the gym – ready to build muscle, ready to do battle, ready to bring war. Get ZEUS. Be a Gym God. Leave the shattered remains of the gym behind you.

Train like a God – ZEUS

Chris Belanger – VP Sales

Monday, May 29, 2006

I'm not as much of a wuss as I sound...

The warm weather is upon us and you are ready show off your hard earned body. During the summer months it is usually harder to sit down and relax to fresh and wholesome foods. This is a reminder during the next 3 to 4 months of hot weather to drink plenty of water to prevent any kind of dehydration. Along with this reminder, The Canadian Food Guide for Active Living recommends that we consume 5 – 12 servings of grain and cereal, 5 – 10 servings of fruits and vegetables, 2 – 4 servings of dairy, and get at least 2 – 3 servings of meat and / or alternative protein sources. This is only a guideline for proper dietary habits and each individual may have their own goals that they are trying to achieve.

Whatever the case may be, be sure to stay well hydrated and consume plenty of fresh foods. If you are doing a lot of outdoor activities, prepare food the night before this way you will not be stuck doing the high calorie fast foods the following day.
Do not stress too much about enjoying your favorite alcoholic beverage but do it in moderation and drink a full glass of water in between your drinks.

If you are like myself, being in the gym during the summer months can be a drag especially when you only get about 4 serious months of summer. Find yourself an outdoor activity, which will help you maintain your shape and even add a little more definition to your physique. Enjoy the weather and I'm not as much of a wuss as this Blog post sounded.

Chris Belanger – VP Sales

Tuesday, May 23, 2006


That’s right…SNAP, CRACKLE, POP is the sound of my fibula, ankle and the dislocation of my left foot. This happened to me Wednesday evening on the soccer pitch. I externally rotated my foot almost 100 degrees – NOT GOOD. I have no problem saying that I was a grown man screaming like a little girl. Sure the pain was crazy but I think the biggest issue was knowing what I had just done. I live an active healthy lifestyle, which I am quite proud of and now I am going to have to make huge adjustments for family, work and recreational activities. I have to realize that this only a temporary set back and that determination will get be back on track.
If you have had any injuries of your own, let me know about them and how you got through the tough times.

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This is how I see it: Bones heal - chicks dig scars - glory is forever!

Chris Belanger – VP Sales

Wednesday, May 17, 2006

L-Arginine: Class 101

There has been a little debate going on north of the border with Health Canada over the safety of the amino acid L-arginine. Health Canada

What is L-Arginine?

L-Arginine is a protein amino acid that is present in all life forms on the earth. It is an essential amino acid that is needed for normal body function and healing. It is especially essential for young children and possibly older people, as it stimulates the production of growth hormone.
Normally our bodies produce enough L-Arginine for normal body function, but certain injuries or conditions can cause you to not produce enough L-Arginine for your body to work or heal properly.
Some foods that naturally have this amino acid in them are poultry, pork, dairy products, seafood, nuts, chickpeas, soy beans, and chocolate.
The benefits of L-Arginine can also be gained from supplements made from plant and animal proteins.

The History of L-Arginine

L-Arginine was isolated in 1886 by researchers. In 1932 it was found to be necessary for the production of urea, which helps to remove the toxic ammonia from our bodies. In 1939 it was found to be necessary for the production of creatine, which is used by bodybuilders or athletes to increase strength and body mass.

More Benefits of L-Arginine

Some studies indicate that L-Arginine shows some promise in the treatment of cardiovascular disease, by reducing blood pressure and lowering LDL (bad) cholesterol.
Another of the benefits of L-Arginine is how it also helps in impotence and fertility problems in men. The studies are still ongoing on L-Arginine, but it shows great promise in these areas. It can also boost your immunity therefore keeping you healthy and well. It also accelerates wound healing, which is greatly needed in the case of major burns or injuries.

What are the Side Effects?

L-Arginine should not be taken by pregnant or nursing women as it stimulates growth hormone in young children. If you have herpes, then is not recommended that you take L-Arginine as it can stimulate the herpes infection. If you are taking medication for high blood pressure, impotence, migraines, or any other problem, or if you have a history of kidney or liver disease, you need to check with a doctor before taking L-Arginine.

My Final Thoughts:

L-Arginine on its own or combined with other ingredients is great to be added into your supplement program. As a guideline for bodybuilding, I will suggest to stay within the recommended dosage that is on the bottle. Since L-Arginine is a vaso-dilator I will suggest that you cycle off at 8 weeks and take at least 4 weeks off.

As for Health Canada, I do respect their authority but it is also up to the consumer to not be so ignorant. To the users of supplements who are trying to excel, make sure that you know what you are taking, this will reduce any unwanted side effects. If the bottle says do not use if….., then do not use. Very simple.

Chris Belanger – VP Sales

Friday, May 12, 2006

Too much information?

Do you ever open up the latest issue of your favorite Bodybuilding Magazine and get stunned with way too much information? I am talking about 2 – 4 page ads on the newest product. By the time you get to the end of the ad, you do not even know what the hell you were reading.

How much do you really care about the science of the product? Wouldn’t the main things that you actually care about be; how could this product benefit me, safety issues, and will this product deliver results. I don’t mind a couple of references to be noted, but do not give me a song and dance. This is only my personal opinion and if I am interested in this product and I want to learn more, I will do my own research.

I am not a scientist here, but I am aware of what I am talking about and if I don’t, I will do research to find unbiased information.

All I am getting at here is to some of you supplement companies, keep it real and cut the bullshit.

Chris Belanger – VP Sales

Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Back At IT!

Well after almost 8 weeks of not training and losing about 13 pounds I finally made it back to the gym. This well taken time off was all due to blowing out my right elbow with a huge increase in weight and the pulling of my hamstring on the soccer pitch. *Note: Apparently people who pull their hamstrings repeatedly have overdeveloped quadriceps.

During my last bit of training I was heading to the gym in the morning before making it to the office. This was good, the testosterone levels are peaking and I was ready to battle in the gym. I had put on 20 pounds in 2 months. Clean. No shit, I really did. Now, my 5 ½ month old daughter needs her feeding a couple of times a night and this leaves me burned to make it in the morning. She is a beautiful girl though, just like her mother.

I started back last night and damn, this was a great training session. This summer I will only be training 2 – 3 times per week with a full body resistance, training program focusing on compound movement with 2 sets / 10 – 12 reps or failure. Along with this I will be making sure that I get 25 – 35 minutes of cardio with good 80% intensity followed by quality stretching. I hate cardio but it has to be done…for everybody. The other 3 – 4 times per week I spend on the soccer pitch. I do play competitive soccer till September so I do need to be in top, notch shape. Part of this training requires plyometrics and core training. These training programs are especially key for athletes wanting to excel in their specific sport.

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For more powerful information that will take you to a new level, check out the Muscle Guru – Matthew Cragg. This guy will take your body to new heights whether you want to lose weight or gain weight, rehab work or just make you feel better about yourself. He will deliver results, check him out.

Well, its time for me to get me to back to work and remember consistency is key.

Chris – VP Sales

Friday, May 05, 2006


There is something to be said about the work that I do. Building relationships. Fusion Nutrition develops promising brands to the Bodybuilding Culture, which you can identify with. But my job is to develop lasting relationships with retailers and the end users. I will never sell someone. Who wants to be sold? I sure and the hell don’t. I will give you an educated answer to your question that will help you with your buying decision.

There is a great online company that we work with in the US called Bodybuilding.com. If you have not heard of them, you had better put down the weights and check them out because dude, where have you been? Anybody can sell cheap supplements, but these guys have built a strong relationship with their customers by offering tons of information and massive selection of supplements. Not to mention they carry such brands as T2, Purple-K, and FUBAR. All developed by Fusion Nutrition.

The point to this is: None of us like to be sold, but we all love to buy. Make informed decisions.

Chris – VP Sales

“Accept the challenges, so that you may feel the exhilaration of victory”

Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Good News - Bad News

Good morning Bodybuilding Culture. Depending on where you are located on this place called earth, isn’t it great waking up and not freezing your ass off?! I love it. The warm weather is upon us and soon that hard work in the gym over the winter is going to pay off. Everybody will be checking you out or maybe checking out your girl. Hell, it’s all good. Enjoy the respect you will get from all your hard work.

Well, it was a great month for business and the culture is growing. There has been good progress on the development with the new Test Booster – ZEUS and we are all stoked on the release of this hardcore product. I will keep you posted on the launch.

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On the lighter side of things, we are sad to say that Fouad is gone. No, not dead. Fouad is doing very well but the dude needs more. Fouad has been a great part of this company for some time but it is time for him to move on. We at Fusion Nutrition wish him the best with his journey to the top and we will continue to support him morally. Fouad has the potential to be the best and you could see more pictures and information by logging on to: http://www.fusionnutrition.com/Fusion-Nutrition/links.htm and click on Fouad Abiad under the athletes and models links.
All the best Fouad.

Chris Belanger – VP Sales