Tuesday, May 23, 2006


That’s right…SNAP, CRACKLE, POP is the sound of my fibula, ankle and the dislocation of my left foot. This happened to me Wednesday evening on the soccer pitch. I externally rotated my foot almost 100 degrees – NOT GOOD. I have no problem saying that I was a grown man screaming like a little girl. Sure the pain was crazy but I think the biggest issue was knowing what I had just done. I live an active healthy lifestyle, which I am quite proud of and now I am going to have to make huge adjustments for family, work and recreational activities. I have to realize that this only a temporary set back and that determination will get be back on track.
If you have had any injuries of your own, let me know about them and how you got through the tough times.

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This is how I see it: Bones heal - chicks dig scars - glory is forever!

Chris Belanger – VP Sales

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