Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Christmas Props.

Leigh Mollison, a national-level bodybuilder, sent us some props over Christmas.

I hope the holidays treated you and your families well. Just sending you a quick note to let you know, I REALLY enjoy FUBAR!! I am the current Ms. Manitoba women's bodybuilding champ and I used your product for my provincials and nationals prep. Thanks and all the best in 2010!!"

- Leigh Mollison


Monday, December 21, 2009

Haven't Got the Heart for Cardio?

Do you hate cardio? Do you have problems doing it? If you’ve always disliked cardio for unknown reasons or because it got you overtrained in a hurry, you may have an underlying cardiovascular problem. It’s sad but true: Some bodybuilders will eventually develop cardiovascular trouble, possibly even including chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD).

We know a lot about exercise’s effects on muscle; eat and train right, and you grow. But exercise’s effects on the cardiovascular system have been less understood – until now.

Researchers examined how much muscular oxidative stress and pulmonary oxidative stress was occurring during exercise for people with prior cardiovascular problems. They used people known to have no cardiovascular problems as a control group.

They had participants work out for 20 minutes at 40 percent of their calculated 1RM and studied their blood and urine before and after exercise. Those with preexisting cardiovascular problems experienced increased pulmonary oxidative stress and overall systemic inflammation after exercise, while healthy subjects didn’t.

So here’s your FUSION FACTOID: Hating cardio because it’s boring isn’t the same as hating it because it gets you overtrained quickly. If you hate it for the latter reason, get a cardiovascular stress test from your doctor. After all, your heart and lungs pump oxygen and nutrients to your muscles so they can grow, so if you’re having cardio trouble, it’s a sure bet that you’re not growing as much as you should either.

Source: Mercken EM, Gosker HR, Rutten EP, Wouters EF, Bast A, Hageman GJ, Schols AM. Systemic and pulmonary oxidative stress after single-leg exercise in COPD. Chest. 2009 August 20. [Epub ahead of print]

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

FUSION Awards Supplement Contract.

We’d like to send a huge shout-out to Zaid Adamo for claiming the overall title at this year’s NLABBA Championships. He was able to come in super ripped and edged out a very competitive field. As a result he was awarded at one year supplement contract with FUSION BODYBUILDING. Great work Zaid…see you on the national stage!


Monday, December 14, 2009

V.I.P. Update.

We have been getting a lot of great feedback on our V.I.P. site. The how-to posing and training sections have received a lot of praise. However, here at FUSION BODYBUILDING we are more concerned with what you don't like, what we're doing wrong...because that makes us better. One point of mention was the fact it required between 8 and 10 proof-of-purchases to receive FUSION gear. The feeling was that's way too many...that we were expecting too much. So...after some quick decision making, we've decided to chop that number in half. You'll now only need to submit 4-5proof-of-purchases for your choice of hat, skully or t-shirt.

FUSION users know what's right and from time to time we need to be told. So, please keep your feedback coming and we'll be sure to keep getting better.


Wednesday, December 09, 2009

A cool letter and a great testimonial!

This was a cool letter we recieved from powerlifter Serge Leduc looking for sponsorship. I thought I'd share it with you as it's a great testimonial for FUSION. It's also great when someone takes the time to actually send us a letter in the mail; it made me smile:-)


Friday, December 04, 2009

Injuries: In Your Genes?

As bodybuilders, we spend a lot of time talking about genetics, especially when talking about our ultimate potential and maximum natural (and chemically assisted) limits. Talking about genetics has almost become cliché. Now, however, scientists have made a remarkable discovery: Your risk of injury may be genetically determined.

Using recent advances in genetics and tendon and ligament research, scientists in Cape Town, South Africa, have implicated the COL1A1 gene in soft tissue and ligament injuries. This has been confirmed as an explanation for why some people are predisposed to injuring their Achilles tendons, knees, and rotator cuffs and shoulders.

So here’s your FUSION FACTOID: You should continue to train all-out, but you have to train your body. That means knowing your genetic risk factors and changing your training to accommodate them. Let’s face it: You can’t grow when you’re injured. Injuries suck! So train hard and smart, and you’ll stay injury-free on your one-way trip to Muscletown.

Source: Collins M, Raleigh SM. Genetic risk factors for musculoskeletal soft tissue injuries.
Med Sport Sci. 2009;54:136-149. Epub 2009 Aug 17.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

An Apple a Day ...

… keeps the doctor away – it’s an old saying that’s been around as long as there have been old sayings. But that doesn’t mean it’s not true. For bodybuilders, eating an apple a day may be the best way to keep the doctor away ... from your kidneys.

Chances are that you spend more time thinking about getting rock-hard abs than kidney stones. But a kidney stone can seriously sideline you – to the point of putting you in bed for a week at a time. And that’s not good for keeping your hard-earned muscle growth.

Researchers in Maine examined the diets of over 250,000 people and calculated a special score called the DASH score – Dietary Approaches to Stop Hypertension. The higher the score, the more apples the study subjects consumed and the fewer kidney stones they formed.

The highest scoring study participants – i.e., those who ate a lot of fruits such as apples – were 40 to 45 percent less likely to develop kidney stones than the lowest scorers. And the researchers pointed out that these findings held for everyone, regardless of age, weight, gender or ethnicity.

So here’s your FUSION FACTOID: You might be focused on getting the best set of abs in your gym, but you should pay serious attention to your kidneys. While you can’t see them from the outside, they’re vitally important to your overall health and bodybuilding career. So be proactive: Eat an apple a day to keep the doctor – and catabolism – away!

Source: Taylor EN, Fung TT, Curhan GC. DASH-style diet associates with reduced risk for kidney stones. J Am Soc Nephrol. 2009 Oct;20(10):2253-9. Epub 2009 Aug 13.

Friday, November 20, 2009

Are You an Exercise Addict?

Can’t stay out of the gym? Describe yourself as a “gym rat?”

Every so often, a study is published examining exercise addiction. This particular animal study is especially interesting because of its implications for bodybuilders.

Tufts University researchers had 44 male and 40 female rats either run for several weeks on an exercise wheel or remain inactive. After this initial phase, the rats were divided into two groups. The first group was given food for an hour a day, and the second group was fed around the clock. All rats were then given naloxone, a drug that simulates immediate heroin withdrawal symptoms.

After the injections, the hardest-exercising rats showed the most severe withdrawal symptoms – trembling, writhing, chattering teeth and drooping eyelids. Upon the resumption of exercise, these symptoms lessened or went away.

This led researchers to the following conclusion: “Exercise, like drugs of abuse, leads to the release of neurotransmitters such as endorphins and dopamine, which are involved with a sense of reward.”

So here’s your FUSION FACTOID: You hit the iron because you look good and it feels good – it’s the best kind of high there is. But too much exercise can get you seriously overtrained and burned out, costing you muscle now and destroying your physique in the long term. That’s something you want to avoid at all costs.

Source: Kanarek RB, D’Anci KE, Jurdak N, Mathes WF. Running and addiction: precipitated withdrawal in a rat model of activity-based anorexia. Behav Neurosci. 2009 Aug;123(4):905-12.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Olive Oyl and OMEGA•OIL


It looks like Olive Oyl is also getting in on the act. Travis Williams of Popeye's Grande Prairie sent us this pic. It really shows how much confidence his customers have the in the FUSION BODYBUILDING brand.

Friday, November 13, 2009

Gym god? Pshaw! You mean “sex god!”

We all know ZEUS does a damn good job boosting your test levels, but a new study on its core ingredient shows that it can help you in the bedroom too. A recently completed human clinical study in Australia showed Testofen to significantly increase libido, including sexual cognition, sexual arousal, sexual experience and orgasm. These results demonstrate that Testofen is safe and effective for increasing libido in healthy males.
So, if you aren't too busy taking advantage of the libido-boosting power of ZEUS, you can hear the details of the study as they're presented at SupplySide West today. Isn't testosterone great?

Thursday, November 12, 2009

HOT & FIT 100.


The search is on as Inside Fitness compiles the hottest list in Canada with HOT & FIT 100!

If you have any Canadian females that are Hot & Fit, please email the submission and pictures to Lori Fabrizio:

The deadline for entries is tomorrow, Friday November 13th, 2009!

Canada’s hottest and fittest females are finally going to have a place to call home! Only Canada’s biggest fitness magazine could bring you the sexiest women from across the country! Inside Fitness has gone one step further and will compile an annual list of 100 of the hottest and fittest Canadian females. With the expertise of their editors along with the help of Canada’s best photographers and show promoters, women all over the country will be striving to be a part of this elite list.

This prestigious list will appear in the February/March 2010 issue, on sale January 4th, 2010!

Visit to submit pictures and to see which of the hottest Canadian females make the cut for 2009!

Training: Protect Your Mitochondria...

It’s a fact: Although training gets you huge, it does so by inflicting stress and damage on your muscles. But what’s good for your muscles may be bad for your DNA. That can be bad news for your recovery and growth, both now and in the future.

Researchers in São Paulo, Brazil, wanted to see how taking a supplement mixture of vitamins C and E before exercise might affect DNA and mitochondrial health. They measured antioxidant capacity and the healthy appearance of muscle cell mitochondria.

Those who took the supplement mixture before exercise increased their antioxidant capacity by an astonishing 53 percent, and their muscle cell mitochondria were healthier than those who didn’t use the supplement mixture.

So here’s your FUSION FACTOID: This is the latest of a series of studies that show that using antioxidants helps increase overall antioxidant capacity, and that this translates into solid muscle and rapid recovery. So get with the times! If you thought that antioxidants were just for after your workout, think again! Take 500 milligrams of vitamin C and 400 IU of vitamin E with a glass of water one hour before your workout. Repeat after your workout for best results. You’ll not only save your DNA and mitochondria but also gain more muscle!

Source: Rosa EF, Ribeiro RF, Pereira FM, Freymüller E, Aboulafia J, Nouailhetas VL. Vitamin C and E supplementation prevents mitochondrial damage of ileum myocytes caused by intense and exhaustive exercise training. J Appl Physiol. 2009 Aug 20. [Epub ahead of print]

Wednesday, November 11, 2009


To all our veterans...thank you. Your sacrafice and dedication does not go without notice. You are heros to us all.


Monday, November 09, 2009


Terry Frendo and the Inside Fitness team have always been great supporters of FUSION. Over the past year they've increased thier page count by 50%. WOW! If the mag was a bodybuilder, what a freak he'd be :-)

Here's the new goes on sale today:


Monday, November 02, 2009

Popcorn...for Muscle Growth?

Popcorn is a delicious, ideal snack food in the first several weeks of a fat-loss program. It’s relatively low calorie, it’s high in fiber and it contains zero sugar and fat. But would you believe that popcorn may be good for muscle growth and recovery? It’s true.

A new study presented at the 238th National Meeting of the American Chemical Society (ACS) examined popcorn for levels of antioxidants, the inflammation-fighting, recovery-speeding, muscle-building polyphenols typically found in fruits and vegetables.

Researchers found that popcorn contains high concentrations of antioxidants and polyphenols – comparable to many fruits and vegetables.

So here’s your FUSION FACTOID: You eat fruits and vegetables because they kill inflammation and speed muscle growth. Popcorn may do the same. So if you’re dieting down – and even if you’re not and simply want a delicious food – try popcorn. It may not make a huge difference in terms of your overall growth, especially if you’re already eating plenty of fruits and vegetables, but it’s a nice, healthy snack-food choice. Best of all, it can be made to taste pretty good. Just make sure you skip the sugary syrups and additional calories and stick to healthy toppings such as herbs and other low-calorie options.

Source: Vinson J, et al. Whole grain cereals, popcorn rich in antioxidants, not just fiber, new research concludes. 238th National Meeting of the American Chemical Society; 2009 August 19; Washington DC.

I may not know much, but I know what I like. (Or … I’m gonna buy me some art, maybe a Garfunkel.)

If you happen to be in Pittsburgh in the next week or so and have a little time, head over to the Center for the Arts and check out the work of Dylan Vitone, their 2009 Emerging Artist of the Year. He takes some wide-format pictures that are quite cool. On display is his Miami Project, a series of pictures shot in Miami, which Vitone describes as "a city that wears socioeconomic status and sex appeal on its sleeve." With pieces titled "Body Builders," "Male Model with Lots of Photographers" and "Bikini Models on Steps," he brings different perspectives to the world, including ones with which bodybuilders are very familiar. So get out of the gym and get some culture!

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

OMEGA•OIL Hits Store Shelves Nationwide.

OMEGA•OIL , the bodybuilders EFA, has hit shelves nationwide and it looks like it’s getting plenty of attention. Mark Garces from Popeye’s, in Burlington Ontario, understands the importance of a good omega-3 product and wants his customers to understand the benefits of OMEGA•OIL. He believes OMEGA•OIL is a good choice for his clientele and says it will benefit everyone from top bodybuilding athletes to the average Joe looking to stay healthy. Mark is impressed with the informative packaging that will assist his customers with their choice.

Mark wanted to create awareness for OMEGA•OIL and displays it in the prominent spots in his store. He choose their health and wellness section where customers have the choice of a variety of products directed towards consumers of all ages to promote a balanced healthy living. He also selected the sports section to remind athletes and bodybuilders of the importance of OMEGA•OIL. In addition, he also displayed the OMEGA•OIL on the shiny silver tray which Popeye holds to serve customers. Apparently Popeye himself understands a person needs more than just spinach alone and OMEGA•OIL is available to support everyone’s health goals.

Thanks for the support Mark!


Monday, October 26, 2009

Mr. Gaza contest held in Strip

Wow. Now you don't think bodybuilding when you think the Gaza Strip, until now that is. Apparently this past Saturday, the Gaza City University sponsored a bodybuilding competition which had 20 contestants. Who would have thunk it?

Who are your heroes?

I was just reading this little article about an appearance by Jay Cutler in Rocky Mount, North Carolina. Three things struck me: The first, which has nothing to do with the point of this blog post, was that it was cool that Cutler was doing an appearance at a gym just to help a buddy. The other two were about having our heroes. The article began by introducing Vernon Bradley, a bodybuilder from Halifax, Canada, who drove all the way to Rocky Mount, a 21-hour drive, just to meet Cutler. Then the article ends with Cutler saying he was inspired to become Mr. Olympia after seeing a picture of Chris Dickerson, winner of the Mr. Olympia in 1982. It makes you wonder: Who's looking at a picture of Cutler right now, and will they be standing onstage at the O in a few years, inspiring others?

Thursday, October 22, 2009


For Release Wednesday, October 21, 2009 to industry media
For Release Thursday, October 22, 2009 to all other media


For Immediate Release

GUELPH, Canada – October 21, 2009 – For years, research has been singing the benefits of including more essential fatty acids (EFAs) in the average person’s diet, resulting in a multitude of products and supplements with added EFAs such as omega-3s. But needless to say, bodybuilders aren’t average and neither are their goals. So why should they be interested in EFAs? The answer is simple: EFAs can help make a serious difference in their training. But getting enough EFAs isn’t easy. Usually, the body gets EFAs from a variety of sources, including fish, seafood, seeds and nuts, but most of these aren’t a significant enough part of the average bodybuilder’s diet. That’s where an omega-3 supplement such as FUSION BODYBUILDING’s new OMEGA•OIL comes in.

OMEGA•OIL is one of the few EFA products developed specifically for bodybuilders. It’s been scientifically developed for bodybuilders to help them protect muscle, burn fat, reduce joint inflammation and pain, improve insulin response, improve cardiovascular health, increase mood quality and promote brain cell growth. And unlike other EFA supplements, OMEGA•OIL isn’t filled with omega-3 oils from other sources, such as flaxseeds. It uses only an exclusive three-fish blend, because fish oils have been scientifically shown to trigger the most rapid increase of key EFA components in the blood, much faster than flax oil. That ensures bodybuilders get EFAs into their systems sooner so they see results sooner.

“It’s about results and about staying healthy,” Jeff Wilde, one of the developers of OMEGA•OIL, says. “We here at FUSION BODYBUILDING created OMEGA•OIL because we knew how important EFAs were for bodybuilders, and we also know that most bodybuilders aren’t getting enough in their protein-heavy, low-fat diets. We wanted to give bodybuilders an omega-3 supplement made just for them so it could help them stay healthy and reach their goals. OMEGA•OIL has surpassed our expectations, and I’m sure it’s going to surpass the expectations of serious bodybuilders too.”

Founded in 1998 by Ryan Herniman and Adrian Burke, FUSION BODYBUILDING is a top nutraceutical company dedicated to providing bodybuilding supplements to true followers of the sport. All of FUSION’s products start in the gym and are perfected in the lab by its innovative research and development team. FUSION products are sold worldwide.



A Great SLEEPING•GIANT Testimonial.

Received via email.

Subject: Product Review SLEEPING•GIANT

Just to make a long story short I can go on and on about this stack but I have purchased 2 lots of this stack off a friend of mine who bought a bunch of these in bulk and man o man the gains are unbelievable! I have never been so impressed with a product stack as this one ever. I am on week 3 of this stack and for some reason my body is mutating. I would be more than glad to represent your company with transformation pictures and updates. Just let me know if interested. I will post new pics this week of my crazy gains from my so far 3 week stack. Feel free to visit my Body Blog on

Rob Vaters

Thursday, October 15, 2009


I wanted to send a big congratulation to Aleisha Hart for kicking some ass down in Fort Lauderdale this weekend past. This is only Aleisha’s second show as an IFBB Pro-Figure competitor but she’s making her mark felt with the judges. I recently had the opportunity to sit down with her and her fiancee, Bryan Deasley, at the Olympia. I wasn’t quite sure what to expect, but what I quickly realized was this duo was the real deal. They are in this sport together and really bring a fresh and honest outlook to the competitive figure scene. Their approach is working as not only does Aleisha continue to improve onstage but she has 2 multi-page spreads in American Curves and Muscle Mag this month…you’ll have to check them out. Here is some of what you’ll find in MuscleMag; keep in mind Bryan’s nickname is ‘Diesel’. :-)


Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Thursday, October 01, 2009

Caffeine works, right?

Everyone knows that caffeine boosts performance, right? Everyday experience proves it – but not always. Here’s where it gets interesting.

Researchers informed healthy study participants that they were testing the effects of caffeine on performance and post-exercise heart rate. One group of study participants was told it would be given a caffeine drink immediately prior to their workouts, while other participants were told they were taking a placebo, an inert drink containing no active caffeine. However, rather than actually giving a caffeine drink to one of the groups, the researchers gave participants in both groups a placebo.

Researchers then had all participants from both groups perform single-leg leg-extension exercises for 15 repetitions at 60 percent of their one-rep max, and the results were interesting.

Researchers found that study subjects who believed they had received the caffeine drink performed two additional repetitions during the leg extension and reported feeling as though they had worked less hard than subjects who performed the same exercise without what they believed to be the caffeine drink. In this case, believing made all the difference.

Researchers concluded, “the perception of consuming a substance that purportedly enhances performance is sufficient enough to enable individuals to complete a greater number of reps to failure during short-term resistance exercise.”

So here’s your FUSION FACTOID: Caffeine works big time, but not for everyone, and caffeine can stop working for you even if you get a kick out of it now. This research makes it clear that although caffeine works well, it’s really the mind that’s the power behind most of its effects. Caffeine works because it affects your mind and gets you energized and focused. But you can do this naturally by visualizing your workout before you do it. Mix both caffeine and visualization together, and you have a serious recipe for an intense workout and muscle growth! So use them together, but never neglect or forget about the importance of having control over both your muscles and your mind.

Source: Int J Sports Physiol Perform. 2009 Jun;4(2):244-53.

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

FUSION at the Mr. Olympia Expo.

There was a buzz about FUSION this year at the Mr. Olympia Expo. Our team took care of business!

Big Ron Partlow interviewing Craig and Julie for Canadian Bodybuilding Radio.

Muscular Development in Poland is doing a feature on FUSION. Craig is representing!

Yet another interview...the crew was definetly busy.

Monday, September 28, 2009

74 and kicking ass.

74 year-old Tsutomu Tosaka of Japan proved this past weekend you are never too old to body build. Mr. Tosaka won the overall title at the 21st Japan Masters Bodybuilding Championship in Tokyo. The competition was for men over-seventy, and impressively had a field of seven competitors, all of whom were born before World War II, vying for the title. Apparently, Mr. Tosaka didn’t start bodybuilding until he was 40, but hasn’t stopped since.

The dumbbell with the dumbbell.

Warning! This post might disturb some readers.

In the gym one of the fundamental tools in our struggle to increase our muscle size is a dumbbell. But one Newport Beach, California resident took the use of a dumbbell plate waaaay too far. In an attempt to pump-up the size of his – um, "man muscle", ah, you know, his penis – he put his apparently wee "willy" in the dumbbell hole (no, not like the gag gift above). Then after two days of being unable to remove his "john thomas" from the hole due to swelling, and realizing that it turning black and ballooning to five time its normal size wasn't the kind of growth he was looking for, he went to the hospital. The docs had to call in the local fire department to cut the plate off. Which, they actually did without harming him. Think I'm lying? Nope, it was first reported in the Newport Beach Daily Pilot. Read it for yourself. The lesson to be learned here? Be happy with what you can't change, and focus on improving what you can, oh, and make sure to wash your hands after touching the dumbbells if you're ever in Newport Beach.

2009 Mr Olympia

Jay's done it. He's the taken back the title, and he's the only guy in history to ever take the title back from the person who took it from him. Arnold of course did regain the title in 1980, 5 years after losing it, but of course he didn't compete in the off years.

As usual there is some controversy over the placing. Dexter only landed 3rd. Heath, who was expected to be a major player this year landed 5th. But we'll leave the arguing to the message boards. All we have to say is congrats Jay.

The TOP 6 in 2009
1st Jay Cutler
2nd Branch Warren
3rd Dexter Jackson
4th Kai Greene
5th Phil Heath
6th Victor Martinez

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

FUSION at the WBFF World Championships.

There was a lot of build-up for this year’s WBFF World Championships at the Living Arts Centre in Mississauga. The bodybuilding forums and Facebook have been filled with chatter. Some people have been sceptical while others see the need for change in Canadian bodybuilding and have embraced what the WBFF stand for…giving back to the athletes. Well, after witnessing this year’s show it’s clear that the WBFF has taken over at the premier Canadian bodybuilding organization.

Not only does the WBFF have the finest production in all of bodybuilding but Paul Dillett and his amazing team have put together the largest prize purse in Canadian bodybuilding and fitness history. Giving away over 120 grand worth of cash and prizes, the athletes left feeling like they are finally getting what they deserve. The FUSION team managed to grab some cash and hardware of their own. Both Dan Ziccardi (Middleweight) and Dave Naugler (Pro Division) managed to take 3rd in their very tough classes and FUSION advocate Craig Bonnett took second in the Pro Division. Way to go guys we’re proud of you!

I’d also like to say, on a more personal note, that the highlight of my WBFF experience was meeting Wayne DeMilia. You know times are changing when one of the men who help build the Mr. Olympia is taking interest in what’s going on.

If you’re interested in seeing more of the WBFF stage, we’ll be uploading all the routines at

The team at the FUSION booth.


Tuesday, September 15, 2009

On-set With Stone Cold.

Long-time FUSION athlete, Paul “The Mauler’” Lazenby, has been in the movie bizz for a long time now. He has flipped for and fought with some of Hollywood’s best. From getting clocked in the face to making indecent proposals (on Ashton Kucher in the Butterfly Effect), Paul has done it all. Recently he found himself on the set of “The Stranger” for which he stunt-doubled Steve Austin. He said the last day was the best day ever and this is why: “I did a backward air-ram (compressed-air-driven catapult) away from an exploding car and landed on the next house’s lawn. INTENSE to say the least!”

WHAT?! My idea of an intense day is double dosing on some coffee. So, now I wait here…sipping on java thinking I have to re-consider the excitement level in my life.


Friday, September 11, 2009

Another Bodybuilding Murder.

This news comes courtesy of

Bodybuilder found guilty of January murder.

Updated: Thursday, 10 Sep 2009, 8:15 PM EDT
Published : Thursday, 10 Sep 2009, 8:15 PM EDT

GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. (WOOD) - The man man accused of strangling a woman on Grand Rapids' west side was was convicted of first-degree murder Thursday.

Kenneth Ray Thomas, 38, was charged with killing 53-year-old Debra Jean Vanklaveren. Her body was found in her apartment January 5th in the 300 block of Indiana Avenue SW. Police originally thought it might have been a natural death, but changed their minds when they couldn't find her dog or car.


He will be sentenced October 8th to life in prison with no chance for parole.
Thomas' MySpace page shows he lived his life in the gym. Most of his pictures show him flexing in what appears to be a bodybuilding competition. He says on the Web site that his hero is Jesus and his faith is what keeps him strong.

How do I get my bodybuilder name?

"The Austrian Oak." "The Blade." "The Freakin' Rican." Bodybuilders have been sporting nicknames since the early days. Back in the late 1800s and early 20th century, bodybuilders didn't just pose in competitions – they performed feats of strength for paying audiences. It was just good business to sensationalize themselves. There's a reason Ed Fury didn't put Ed Holovchik on the marquee, or why a guy named Angelo Siciliano changed his name to Charles Atlas.

Plus, who wouldn't want be called "The King of Bodybuilders" like Clancy Ross? How about "The Shadow," as Dorian Yates was known? And what about Sergio Oliva's "The Myth"? There's nothing more manly than a good nickname, and for guys, isn't that what bodybuilding is all about – being the being the biggest, strongest, manliest man in the sandbox?

Truthfully, these names get created by the marketing and media guys, and sometimes they're a bit much. But getting a name and making it stick is two different things. So bring on the badass nicknames. They may feel a bit juvenile at times, but I guarantee you there isn't a guy out there who wouldn't be at least secretly pleased to be called "The Duke" and have it stick.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Creatine for Cardio?

Everyone knows that creatine is simply awesome for building muscle, and that cardio is essential for good strong cardiovascular health and speedy recovery from brutal workouts. But have you ever wondered what the effect of creatine and cardio together would be? Scientists did, so they set out to find out.

Scientists divided subjects into two groups: a group taking creatine and a group taking a placebo. Neither the study participants nor the researchers themselves knew which group was actually getting dosed with creatine. Both groups did an intense cardio program for 11 weeks, with three cardio sessions per week, each lasting for 45 minutes. The scientists were testing to see the effects of creatine on cardiovascular health, as measured by plasma lipid profiles.

At the end of the study, researchers found that the plasma lipid profile did not change in any of the study participants. In other words, creatine supplementation did not have any benefit for cardiovascular exercise beyond the benefit of cardio alone.

So here’s your FUSION FACTOID: Creatine is great for building muscle, and some evidence suggests that it may even help you use oxygen better. But, the verdict is in: It doesn’t help you get extra health or performance benefits beyond the ones you would get from cardio alone. Stick to using creatine for what it does best: building muscle!

Source: Gualano B, et al. Does creatine supplementation improve the plasma lipid profile in healthy male subjects undergoing aerobic training? J Int Soc Sports Nut. 2008 Oct 3;5:16.

Dave Naugler is coming in large for the WBFF World Championships!

We are just under a week away form the 2009 WBFF World Championships and people are getting excited, for good reason. Paul Dillett and the WBFF team have successfully brought some much needed class and production value to bodybuilding shows. You can expect to experience some great entertainment, amazing physiques and this is the inaugural year for the WBFF Pro Division. This means there is cash to be won! Finally there is an organization that is rewarding the athletes for their hard work and dedication.

One such athlete is FUSION team member Dave Naugler. After a disappointing placing at the CBBF nationals in Vancouver, Dave has vowed to come in larger and, judging by the photo’s he sent me, he’s delivering. From speaking with Dave I also understand he’s planning on adding a little something extra to the show…that’s the WBFF way.

September 19th at the Living Arts Centre in Mississauga…be there!

Dave 'Ballistic' Naugler...coming in large.


Tuesday, September 08, 2009

God Versus The Gut.

Goodness knows I’ve been tempted by food, just like nearly every other person on the planet. A slice of something oh-so-sweet and fatty has been known to affect my cutting-cycle focus, but I never considered that chocolaty bit of heaven to be actually evil.

But natural bodybuilding champ and Christian church founder Ron Williams might just have another opinion. He’s recently come out with a book called Faith & Fat Loss, [] which teaches how to fight the sin of gluttony. “Your belly becomes your God,” Williams says.

But it’s not just the temptation of food that Williams addresses. Faith helps counteract the stress caused by events such as abuse, neglect or trauma – which Williams describes as “soul wounds” – that can cause people to be overweight or obese. The four-part plan involves reading Scripture, prayer, exercise and eating balanced, nutritious meals. If you’re really interested, you can wade through this 12-minute 700 Club interview [ ] with Williams.

I have to say, I don’t factor God into my training, but it certainly illustrates that there are all types out there. And if it’s what works for you, go for it.

Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Following Sam Stone on Facebook.

If your Facebook friends are anything like mine you can always bank on someone posting their bodybuilding progress pix. At any given time I can follow the bulking goals of one person and then hop on over to the National preparations of another. It’s always cool to see how each person deals with common difficulties. Some people post on-going motivational quotes to keep them in the right mindset. Others ask for their friends to give honest critiques of their physiques. It’s all rather engaging and I hazard to guess, the ability to now compare yourself to the competition before the show is going to bring a harder working and more dedicated bodybuilder to our sport.

One such bodybuilder is a guy from England named Sam Stone. He contacted me because he was very curious about our products. I gave him some words of encouragement and some supplement guidance. I followed his updates and he proved to be more dedicated than I would have thought. He was always posting updates and telling his followers how he was doing. In fact, the only real break from his bodybuilding progress that I saw was a sweet car he bought! True to his mission, he remained focused, stayed on his diet and come contest day he managed to snag 2nd at the Junior UKBFF SW Championships and qualified for the British Finals. Wow…I can’t imagine what that felt like for him. Way to go Sam…you’ve earned it.

Upon talking to him after his competition he showed his true colours by saying: “I need to be tighter!” That’s a sign of someone who’s going to have a strong future in this sport.


Thursday, August 27, 2009

Cardio gets your heart pumped now – but what about later?

Cardio burns calories immediately and gets your heart working. But did you know that different kinds of cardio can work your heart differently? And did you know that working your heart differently has different effects on your blood pressure? It’s true.

A Belgian study tested the effects of two different kinds of cardio exercise. Participants exercised over three 10-week periods, and during the first and third periods, they did either higher or lower intensity exercise. In between, the participants were sedentary. The only thing that the researchers changed was the intensity of the exercise the participants performed for one hour per week three times a week.

Before, during and after the study, researchers measured systolic blood pressure (SBP) and heart rate (HR). They found that endurance training at both lower and higher intensity significantly affected systolic blood pressure levels, but – and here’s the important conclusion – chronic cardio exercise did not significantly reduce systolic blood pressure. They also found that if you want to lower your resting heart rate, you need to do high-intensity training.

So here’s your FUSION FACTOID: If you want to do cardio, know how it affects your heart. If you want to lower your blood pressure, increase intensity. To lower your resting heart rate, increase intensity. And, the research seems to recommend avoiding excessive bouts of long cardio, as this has no effect.

Source: Cornelissen VA, Verheyden B, Aubert AE, Fagard RH. Effects of aerobic training intensity on resting, exercise and post-exercise blood pressure, heart rate and heart-rate variability. J Hum Hypertens. 25 June 2009; doi: 10.1038/jhh.2009.51.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

The National Roller Coaster.

What a roller coaster ride it was for the FUSION team this past weekend at the 2009 CBBF Nationals in Vancouver. There was a lot of public support for Dave Naugler going into this event. His prep was spot-on and it looked like he was on his way to a top placing. Backstage there was magic in the air as Dave began the countdown to his appearance. When he took off his team suit in the staging room everyone went silent…he looked amazing! But something happened…between that time and when he got onstage Dave’s physique changed slightly and he missed the mark. He wasn’t put in the top 6 callout and this ended his bid for the 2009 CBBF Championships. We were all crushed and confused…but that’s bodybuilding.

On the up side, FUSION has recently signed a 21 year old powerhouse named Darnell Collins. He has only been training for 2 years but he is truly one of those guys you know has greatness knocking at his door. At his young age, he has a well balanced physique with plenty of densely striated muscle…maturity beyond his years. It would appear the judges thought so too because they awarded him the title of Junior Mr. Canada. Way to go Darnell and welcome to the FUSION team!

To conclude; bodybuilding is bodybuilding and no one can predict the out come. FUSION is extremely proud of Dave and Darnell for representing the company so well and for inspiring others. Next stop…WBFF World Championships.

Here’s a pic of Darnell with his hardware…see what I mean :-)


Monday, August 24, 2009

Pete loves sausage.

As we mentioned earlier, Furious Pete Czerwinski, bodybuilder and world-class competitive eater, would be doing a stunt for Sausage Fest, a BBQ concert put on by Toronto radio station 102.1 The Edge.

What did he do? He ate 20 Sausages in 2 minutes 30 seconds.

Yummmm. That's a lot of protein.

Hulk no dance.

Uh-oh Lou Ferrigno is angry, and we don't like him when he's angry. We mentioned before that Lou was interested in being on the upcoming season of Dancing with The Stars, but it looks like Lou didn't make the cut.

And he was pissed.

His wife/manager Carla had this to say, "The producers told us he would have made an excellent contestant, and when you compare him to some of the 'so-called' celebrities they picked, it just does not make any sense at all," she told Radar Online. "[The producers] never even had the class to give Lou a call and tell him that he was not going to be chosen. Lou is an American icon."

I can understand why they're upset. To be passed over is one thing, but to have a nobody like Ashley Hamilton (look him up, I know I had too) get on the show, it leaves you wondering what really went on during that selection process.

Then again, maybe it's the fault of this leaked audition tape.

Just kidding! Please Lou, and you too Carla, don't get angry at me!

Friday, August 21, 2009

Eat protein at Joe’s

What's the mark of a serious bodybuilder in training? It ain't muscles – nope, that would be too easy. Give up? It's a cooler. Eating can be a real drag, and of course, all that cooking isn't much fun either. Ah, for a world where there's a restaurant for bodybuilders on every corner instead of a McD's. While that isn't the case, we can at least raise a glass (of whey) to those places that do make a menu with the musclemen in mind.

The granddaddy of them all has to be The Firehouse in Venice, California, not too far from Muscle Beach. Every major bodybuilder has traveled to the mecca of Muscle Beach at least once, and chances are, once he was done, he went to The Firehouse to eat. (Hint, hint to the bodybuilding tourist.) Love it or hate it (they apparently have sushi on the menu now), you have to acknowledge its place in history.

If you're living in New Jersey or New York, you have some great joints to eat at. First, you can stop in at Muscle Maker Grill to get your protein and complex carb fix. Now with eleven locations in Jersey and more planned, they may not be McD's, but they're trying. Their menu has everything a growing bodybuilder needs, including whey protein smoothies, wraps and entrees such as lemon pepper chicken with steamed broccoli on brown rice. Or, if you find yourself in Manhattan, stop by The Pump and build the perfect meal of steamed veggies, protein, a tasty sauce and some good fats.

If you find yourself on the other coast, I've heard good things about Rocky Cola Cafe. Though their website seems to be on the fritz, I've heard this Fifties-diner-style restaurant has a pretty solid bodybuilder menu. You'll find a location in Montrose, California, and another in Hermosa Beach.

Going to Florida? Get your chicken and rice on at either Chick-N-Grill or Chicken Kitchen. Both menus are similar: Order a Chop at one or a Chop-Chop at the other, and you'll get grilled chicken with rice (you'll want brown, of course), and if you like, you can add beans, tomatoes and some less-than-healthy choices.

That's just a taste of the bodybuilder-friendly restaurants out there. I know there are hundreds more, and that's not counting the places that do requests. Guess what? I'd like to hear them all. Where do you go in your hometown that has a specific menu for gym rats like us? Let me know.


Tuesday, August 18, 2009

FUSION Athlete, Jodi Boam, Kills It at the Nationals.

Jodi Boam is such a phenom. Only in her early twenties, she’s been able to skyrocket onto the national stage and make a commanding presence, taking on girls a decade older than her. Jodi's dynamic gymnastic ability combined with a fine-tuned physique nabbed her 3rd in the fitness short class. Putting the icing on the cake, she also walked away with the best posing routine. She is the first female athlete FUSION has sponsored and we are stoked to see this young star do even more damage next year at the CBBF Nationals hit Toronto.

Congrats Jodi!


Monday, August 17, 2009

Last pic of Dave Naugler before the Nationals.

Well, there's no doubt that Dave looks a little zoned-out here, but that's what it's like at this stage of the bodybuilding game. Dave is only 5 days out from stepping onstage at the CBBF Nationals and what an impressive prep it's been. Everyone at FUSION if proud of him. We'll be there cheering him on and taping the experience for an up and coming episode of Being A Bodybuilder. is the last pic of Dave before we see him in Vancouver...STOKED!


Friday, August 14, 2009

Dave Naugler - 1 week out from the Nationals!

What a journey it's been for Dave. It's been almost a year of dedication to his diet and training regimin that bring him to this point. In just over a weeks time Dave will be stepping onstage at the Canadian Nationals...think he'll be the newest pro? Well, we think he's a top-runner and we'll all be there cheering for him.


Thursday, August 13, 2009

Can your heart predict your performance and growth?

You know that your heart is important – just see how far you get in the gym without it. But aside from the basics of life and death, your heart matters a lot more than you might think: It ultimately determines your muscle growth!

Researchers in South Africa wanted to see if they could link changes in heart rate recovery to exercise performance. To test this, they put two groups of participants through a series of intense workouts.

After analyzing the data, the researchers found that the rate at which your heart recovers from exercise can be used to monitor and, in some cases, predict your overall recovery. And this will help you establish an optimal training load/recovery ratio that can have you hitting peak performance and muscle growth with every rep!

So here’s your FUSION FACTOID: Start paying attention to your heart, because if your heart leaves the party early, your workout quality will tank and your potential gains will evaporate. So here’s what you do: Monitor your heart rate and time between sets to see how long it takes you to catch your breath for more work. Make sure you’re not working too hard, but work as hard as you need to. Do this and you’ll never be overtrained – just overgrown!

Source: Lamberts RP, Swart J, Capostagno B, Noakes TD, Lambert MI. Heart rate recovery as a guide to monitor fatigue and predict changes in performance parameters. Scand J Med Sci Sports. 2009 Jul 3 [Epub ahead of print].


The team at Lift It Buddy decided to do a review on SHUT•EYE; very cool. Here’s what they thought: REVIEW


Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Leah Wynne Snags the Hardware.

FUSION athlete Leah Wynne decided to step back onstage after a few years off and I bet she's glad she did. Leah walked away with second place in the Natural Pro Bodybuilding division. Here's what she had to say about the experience:

"I've been off the stage for 4 years, and in the past year I've recovered from a major car accident, ongoing health issues and a complete career change. Talk about stress! If not for the recovery assistance and sleep enhancement from FUSION's supplements, I might not have made it through to the end of my prep!"

Congrats Leah!


Monday, August 10, 2009

Managing your time

Life is busy. Working, maintaining a personal life (whether you’re dating or have a family), making meals, doing other chores, having a little fun, getting a little downtime and getting enough sleep can easily eat up the average person’s time. Now try to add in everything you also need to do as a bodybuilder, and it feels impossible. You don’t want parts of your life to suffer, so how do you fit everything in? Time management. Here are a few recommendations on how you can create a little balance and get more done.

Find wasted time

Before you can figure out how to make more time, you need to understand how you use your time. Spend one week recording how you use your time. Once an hour, jot down what you’ve done. Chances are that you’ll be surprised at what you’re spending your time on. Your TV and computer are likely wasting huge amounts of time that you could be focusing elsewhere.

Prioritize your tasks

Now that you know what you’re doing in a week and how much time you’re spending doing it, figure out what you should be doing. Prioritize everything you want to achieve in each day, week and month. Start with the mandatory things, such as sleeping, cooking and working, and then add everything else you’d like to get done, in order of importance. Assign how much time each item takes.

Combine activities

Consider how you can combine activities of similar priorities together to save time. Can you stop at the grocery store on your way home from work, thus saving you a trip? Can you do your cardio or warm-up by jogging to the gym instead of driving and then spending time on a treadmill? Get creative with the possible combinations.

Use teamwork

Get the people in your life working together to give you more time. Let them know what you’re trying to do, and chances are that they’ll be willing to help. They can help keep you motivated and offer suggestions on how you can save time, and together, you can combine your efforts. Instead of going to the supplement store yourself every few weeks, you and a friend can take turns, thus saving you a trip.

Tighten up your activities

Consider how you can be more efficient with the activities you do. How can you get your shopping done faster? Can you spend less time in the gym while getting the same workout?

Here are some things you can do to lessen your training time.

Train only one hour, or less – Keep your gym time to an hour. It’s the optimal time for muscle gain, and anything more is a waste.

Train at home – Is there any training you can do at home? It might be as simple as purchasing some weights or doing cardio-only days without having to haul yourself to the gym. Try to eliminate your travel time.

Train at off-peak times – This is obvious. Don’t waste your time waiting to train. Schedule your gym trip during slow times.

Keep your warm-up short – Ten focused minutes on the treadmill or 6 to 8 warm-up sets with 15- to 30-second rest periods are enough. Just do enough to get your joints ready and your blood pumping.

Have a game plan – Know what you need to get done, and do it. You’re there to work out, then get out.

Don’t chat – Everyone wants to chat, but unless the gym is also your social centre, avoid the temptation. One way to do it without being rude is to wear headphones.

Use compound movements – This allows you to work groups of muscles all at once, giving you the greatest bang for your exercise buck.

Don’t rest long between sets – Your body only needs a couple of minutes for your breathing to return to normal and the lactic acid to clear from the muscle group before you’ll be ready to lift again.

Supersize your sets – All it takes is to do two exercises back to back without resting in between. You can work either the same muscle group or opposing muscle groups such as the biceps and triceps, hamstrings and quads, or chest and back.

Add machines – Calm down! We’re not advocating using only machines – we’re just suggesting including a couple more machines in your training. Changing out plates takes time that moving that pin up or down doesn’t.

Develop a schedule

Now that you’ve thought about what you need to do, it’s time to write it all down. Use your list of prioritized tasks to develop a detailed schedule for the week. Start by slotting in the must-haves, and work your way down the list. Be realistic with the amount of time each item is going to take. Budgeting less time than it actually takes is going to stress you out and throw the entire schedule out of whack.

Stay focused

Noble intentions are great, but if you’re going to find more time, you need to keep your head in the game. At any given moment, there are dozens of things that can distract you – the TV, the Web, friends, the phone, etc. Keep your focus, and get the job done. Watch TV or surf the Web only when you’ve scheduled it.

Look ahead, plan ahead

Keep an eye on what’s happening in the next couple of days. If you know you have something unusual going on, factor it in and be ready for it. For instance, make sure you pack an extra meal if you’re going to be at work longer.

Dave Naugler - 2 weeks out!

I've been on the phone almost every day for the last week with Dave. We've been talking about his progression and what he's accomplished over the past year. Last year at the WBFF he was not very happy with his performance, you can see it on - Episode 1. Well, true to his word, Dave didn't take any time off from the gym and got right back into doing what he does best...being a bodybuilder. In just under two weeks Dave will be stepping on the national stage as he makes a bid for his IFBB pro-card. This is a side-chest he sent me this weekend; it's going to be a great show!


Thursday, August 06, 2009

Furious Pete At Sausage Fest

Furious Pete Czerwinski, bodybuilder and world-class competitive eater, will be performing a stunt at this years Sausage Fest. When I asked him, curiously, what he’d be doing he said with a smirk: “You’re going to have to come see.”

Sausage Fest is an annual BBQ concert put on by radio station 102.1 The Edge. It seems they have taken a liking to Pete as he’s made a number of guess appearances on Dean Blundell’s morning show. This is going to be a lot of fun, so if you are in the Toronto area, be sure to check it out. The action goes down Friday, August 14th at the Sound Academy.


Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Another Great SUB•Q Review



Lou Ferrigno to be on ‘Dancing With the Stars’


Life & Style is reporting that Lou Ferrigno is going to be on the next season of ABC’s “Dancing With the Stars.”

“I had a good meeting with the producers for ‘Dancing With the Stars.’ It was really positive, and they loved the idea of having me on the show,” said Lou. “I've never done that type of dancing before, so I know that I'll have to train hard. I'm a glutton for punishment, so I'll give it my best shot.”

Training hard for something shouldn’t be a new experience for the former bodybuilder. Lou was featured in the 1977 film “Pumping Iron,” a documentary about bodybuilding that also featured Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Lou is probably best known, though, for portraying the Hulk on the CBS series “The Incredible Hulk” from the late 70s/early 80s.

Ferrigno had reportedly been training with recently deceased Michael Jackson before his upcoming concerts.

We wish Lou, who has had a hearing impairment since he was a child, the best of luck!

Eric Winkler,

Thursday, July 30, 2009


Have a look and let us know what you think of our plans; we'll need your help.


The Emotion of Dieting.

Being a bodybuilder isn't easy, even for the most seasoned athletes. Proof of this came to me today when I opened an email from FUSION athlete Dave Naugler and felt his rush of emotion. This is what he had to say:

"..brief update bro, i abit less than 3 weeks to go and im feeling EXTREMELY DEPLETED as of yesterday bro.... Had all i could do to make it through my Quad training.... Today i woke up at 197.5lbs. Legs are F'N INSANE BRO!... Vascualrity is rediculous and detail is tight...Patiently awaiting my first meal of the day, which is Protien Sahke and Peanutbutter....mmm... i bought new P.P yesterday... ABSOLUTE HEAVEN FLAVOUR BRO.... i know i could drinK the whole bottle.. The flavour is INSANE!!Anyway Age.... this season will be my all time best pullout.... even though i want to, but deep inside im pushing my passion and Tammy is right there with me.. Shes keeping me afloat when i feel like im ready to quit and for that i am gratefull.To you all there at FUSION, i want to extend my ENDLESS GRATITUDE for all of your support and look forward to making team FUSION a stand out this year In Vancouver....3lbs to shed.... CUT n DRY!!!I WILL BE READY THIS TIME!! Hammer Your Business!Dave"Ballistic"Naugler"

This is what Dave is looking like today.
Photobucket Nabs Two Nutrition Business Journal Business Achievement Awards.

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Nabs Two Nutrition Business Journal Business Achievement Awards

Boise, ID – July 28, 2009 -, the Internet's most-visited bodybuilding and fitness site and largest online retailer of nutritional supplements, is the proud recipient of two Nutrition Business Journal (NBJ) Business Achievement Awards: for “Growth in Large Companies” (recognizing their outstanding 43% revenue growth in 2008), and “Deal of the Year” (for their acquisition by conglomerate giant Liberty Media).

NBJ is a monthly executive journal focusing primarily on the nutrition industry. NBJ also addresses how the industry impacts the larger food, pharmaceutical, and health care industries. They focus on such topics as business activities, market size & growth, trends, and opportunities in the nutrition industry.

In order to win a Business Achievement Award, companies must first be nominated by their peers, with final winners being decided upon by an internal committee of NBJ staff and editorial advisory board members. President Jeremy DeLuca had the honor of accepting these prestigious awards at the 2009 NBJ Summit at St. Regis Resort in Dana Point, CA.

“To be recognized by such an important group in the health and fitness industry is quite the honor. As exciting as our growth has been, the best part is knowing we are able to help more and more people every day reach the healthy lifestyle they are striving for,” said DeLuca. offers more than 10,000 health and fitness supplements & accessories to help people achieve their health, fitness and appearance goals, as well as over 25,000 pages of FREE bodybuilding & fitness information—including more than 12,000 articles (written by 525+ writers), video & audio segments, and new content added daily.

For more information:
Contact: Crystal Matthews
Phone: 208.472.9311

Friday, July 24, 2009

Bodybuilding in Asia.

You all know by now that I like to keep an eye on bodybuilding around the world, so in that spirit, I want to give a shout-out to our Thai brothers. The Multi Asian Bodybuilding and Fitness Championships will be jointly hosted by the Asian Bodybuilding and Fitness Federation (ABBF) and the ThailandBodybuilding Association (TBBA). What makes this interesting for us Westerners is the scale of the competition. This competition is going to be much bigger than ever, with competitors from all over Asia competing in 38 categories. What makes it such a large event is that they’re combining the men’s and women’s categories, which were originally supposed to be divided between Iran and Thailand. Plus, they’re folding in the South East Asian Bodybuilding Championships, which were supposed to happen in October. (Ouch – that will cut some training schedules short.) It’s all happening in Pattaya, Thailand, on August 11 to 17. And if you’re thinking “skinny little Asian guys,” don’t. These guys represent. Check out some pictures, and I’ll post a link to the competition when it happens. And good luck to everyone competing, especially for those whose competition dates have jumped from October to August.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Recovery in a shirt?

By now, most of us are already familiar with the standard advice on how to recover: eat more protein and calories; use ice and, if appropriate, heat on your wounds and sore muscles; massage stiff and sore body parts and use compression on any wounds.

We all know that bench-press shirts help increase our lifts and take our strength to the next level. And we know that compression is a method that can speed recovery. So what if we combined the use of compression with a shirt? And so the compression shirt was created – but does it work?

Researchers had eleven people each do two workouts, separated by seven days. One group in the study was given lower-body compression garments to wear during the recovery period, and the other group was not given these garments. The researchers found that although the subjects given the compression garments reported lower levels of perceived muscle soreness, the actual effects on performance and recovery were minimal.

So here’s your FUSION FACTOID: Just because something sounds like a good idea in theory doesn’t mean that it actually works. There really are people out there marketing these products and promising that you’ll grow muscle from their use. Don’t believe it. While bench press shirts really do work and compression on wounds really does help recovery, a compression shirt or pants will have little or no effect on recovery.

Source: Duffield R, Cannon J, King M. The effects of compression garments on recovery of muscle performance following high-intensity sprint and plyometric exercise. J Sci Med Sport. 2009 Jan 6 [epub ahead of print].

Monday, July 20, 2009

Dave Naugler - 5 weeks out from CBBF Nationals.

I just got off the phone with Dave Naugler and he's pleased the way his contest prep is coming together. This is what he looks like 5 weeks out from the CBBF Nationals in Vancouver.


Friday, July 17, 2009

Do cardio, burn fat - and stay amped!

Ever wish you could do cardio, get beyond ripped and totally avoid cardio fatigue? Until now, this was seemingly impossible – a bodybuilder’s pipe dream – but breaking research just published in the International Journal of Sports Medicine shows that you can now do cardio, burn a lot of fat and still be amped after your session. And here’s the best part: They reveal the protocol and it’s easy to do!

Scientists found that running speed and blood glucose levels were related. When study participants ran faster on a running task, the total amount of sugar in their blood decreased by a predictable rate. As this happened, concentrations of lactate also increased, leading to fatigue. Simply put, blood glucose levels are predictive of failure and fatigue when doing cardio.

Researchers found that drinking an simple carbohydrate drink in divided parts, with an initial glucose load of 20 grams followed by subsequent doses of 5 grams each over the course of cardio, was most effective for maintaining blood glucose levels.

So here’s your FUSION FACTOID: The best way to not get fatigued during long cardio sessions is to maintain your blood glucose levels. Give this protocol a try during your next cardio session. This will help keep lactate levels from increasing, making sure that you don’t tire out before your time is up.

Source: Sotero RC, et al. Blood glucose minimum predicts maximal lactate steady state on running. Int J Sports Med. 2009 Jun 30 [epub ahead of print].

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Re: UFC - FUSION Athlete Paul Lazenby in the News

UFC pencils in Vancouver match despite ban

CBC Sports Jul 13, 11:10 pm EDT

A mixed martial arts match will be held in Vancouver next June despite the city’s current ban on the sport, announced Ultimate Fighting Championship’s president over the weekend. “Canada is the mecca of mixed martial arts right now,” said UFC president Dana White at the UFC Fan Expo in Las Vegas.

Though the controversial sport is not regulated in British Columbia and Vancouver banned it in 2007, Vancouver Mayor Gregor Robertson gave his support Monday. “We’re hopeful we can resolve all this and host an event in 2010, but we still got some work to do,” said Robertson.

Vancouver Coun. David Cadman opposes the event, saying the violent nature of the sport would require increased security downtown. “I personally don’t feel that the residents of Vancouver want to pay taxes to police this kind of event,” said Cadman.

Paul Lazenby, a Vancouver-based Canadian mixed martial arts champion, says UFC would be an easy sell in the city. “Vancouver is one of the top 10 cities per capita in the world for UFC pay-per-view buys. I can guarantee that if UFC comes to GM Place, it will sell out in an instant,” said Lazenby. He said new rules have boosted the sport’s popularity. “It is now as respectable a sport as boxing is. And it’s really helped us to move the sport forward and divorce it from the old image of just two bar brawlers basically bashing each other to pieces in a cage,” he said.

Be Like Bruce.

The web is awash in newspaper stories about guys and gals who are training to compete onstage. And while I’m all for good bodybuilding press, I’ll have to admit I don’t pay a lot of attention to the articles themselves. It’s great to hear that some wonder woman in Red Deer, Alberta, trains hard, or the nerd turned bodybuilder in Dalton, Georgia, is in a growing phase, but I’ve read (heck, I’ve lived) that story before. But every once in a while, a story catches my attention and impresses even a jaded guy like me.

This time, that story came from the Grand Bahama Bodybuilding and Fitness Show, where athlete Bruce Silvera stepped up onstage for his very first competition. What made Bruce’s story special was that while he looked surprisingly like a seasoned pro, he certainly wasn’t. In only 20 months, Bruce has lost over 100 pounds and put on some serious and striated muscle, all at the age of 51. That’s the kind of story that makes me proud to be a bodybuilder. Great job, Bruce!

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Bodybuilder Dances the Samba.

Do what you love.

I was just reading through the latest issue of Inside Fitness with GSP on the cover and I was reflecting on how great it is to see people doing what they love. You can tell by reading George's training article that he's willing to do what it takes to excel at the sport he loves. It’s impressive. But if you are in 'the know' and dig deeper you can see this reflecting in other peoples work. The publisher of the magazine is Terry Frendo. He's been in the game for a long time, he knows everyone. I'm sure that he could've been quite successful working for his former employer, but a few years ago he decided to go out on his own and start the magazine. Well, I know how hard he's worked to get Inside Fitness off the ground and he is now building a publishing empire. He's doing what he loves.

Looking further into the GSP article, is yet another example of someone following their passion. Liana Saadi is a good friend of mine and before she sky rocketed into photographer stardom she was only struggling with the idea. You could always see her walking around with her camera, taking shots and being creative, but it was only a hobby. It wasn’t until Liana put her fear aside has she made a mark in the industry. She’s so driven by her passion that she was actually able to secure a shoot with the most recognizable UFC athlete on the planet. She has heard her calling and I know you’ll see a lot more from her.

There’s a lesson just under the surface of the GSP Inside Fitness cover: do what you love! Get passionate, follow your dreams and make great things happen…then send me and email about it.