Wednesday, October 28, 2009

OMEGA•OIL Hits Store Shelves Nationwide.

OMEGA•OIL , the bodybuilders EFA, has hit shelves nationwide and it looks like it’s getting plenty of attention. Mark Garces from Popeye’s, in Burlington Ontario, understands the importance of a good omega-3 product and wants his customers to understand the benefits of OMEGA•OIL. He believes OMEGA•OIL is a good choice for his clientele and says it will benefit everyone from top bodybuilding athletes to the average Joe looking to stay healthy. Mark is impressed with the informative packaging that will assist his customers with their choice.

Mark wanted to create awareness for OMEGA•OIL and displays it in the prominent spots in his store. He choose their health and wellness section where customers have the choice of a variety of products directed towards consumers of all ages to promote a balanced healthy living. He also selected the sports section to remind athletes and bodybuilders of the importance of OMEGA•OIL. In addition, he also displayed the OMEGA•OIL on the shiny silver tray which Popeye holds to serve customers. Apparently Popeye himself understands a person needs more than just spinach alone and OMEGA•OIL is available to support everyone’s health goals.

Thanks for the support Mark!



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