Monday, November 02, 2009

I may not know much, but I know what I like. (Or … I’m gonna buy me some art, maybe a Garfunkel.)

If you happen to be in Pittsburgh in the next week or so and have a little time, head over to the Center for the Arts and check out the work of Dylan Vitone, their 2009 Emerging Artist of the Year. He takes some wide-format pictures that are quite cool. On display is his Miami Project, a series of pictures shot in Miami, which Vitone describes as "a city that wears socioeconomic status and sex appeal on its sleeve." With pieces titled "Body Builders," "Male Model with Lots of Photographers" and "Bikini Models on Steps," he brings different perspectives to the world, including ones with which bodybuilders are very familiar. So get out of the gym and get some culture!

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