Wednesday, October 28, 2009

OMEGA•OIL Hits Store Shelves Nationwide.

OMEGA•OIL , the bodybuilders EFA, has hit shelves nationwide and it looks like it’s getting plenty of attention. Mark Garces from Popeye’s, in Burlington Ontario, understands the importance of a good omega-3 product and wants his customers to understand the benefits of OMEGA•OIL. He believes OMEGA•OIL is a good choice for his clientele and says it will benefit everyone from top bodybuilding athletes to the average Joe looking to stay healthy. Mark is impressed with the informative packaging that will assist his customers with their choice.

Mark wanted to create awareness for OMEGA•OIL and displays it in the prominent spots in his store. He choose their health and wellness section where customers have the choice of a variety of products directed towards consumers of all ages to promote a balanced healthy living. He also selected the sports section to remind athletes and bodybuilders of the importance of OMEGA•OIL. In addition, he also displayed the OMEGA•OIL on the shiny silver tray which Popeye holds to serve customers. Apparently Popeye himself understands a person needs more than just spinach alone and OMEGA•OIL is available to support everyone’s health goals.

Thanks for the support Mark!


Monday, October 26, 2009

Mr. Gaza contest held in Strip

Wow. Now you don't think bodybuilding when you think the Gaza Strip, until now that is. Apparently this past Saturday, the Gaza City University sponsored a bodybuilding competition which had 20 contestants. Who would have thunk it?

Who are your heroes?

I was just reading this little article about an appearance by Jay Cutler in Rocky Mount, North Carolina. Three things struck me: The first, which has nothing to do with the point of this blog post, was that it was cool that Cutler was doing an appearance at a gym just to help a buddy. The other two were about having our heroes. The article began by introducing Vernon Bradley, a bodybuilder from Halifax, Canada, who drove all the way to Rocky Mount, a 21-hour drive, just to meet Cutler. Then the article ends with Cutler saying he was inspired to become Mr. Olympia after seeing a picture of Chris Dickerson, winner of the Mr. Olympia in 1982. It makes you wonder: Who's looking at a picture of Cutler right now, and will they be standing onstage at the O in a few years, inspiring others?

Thursday, October 22, 2009


For Release Wednesday, October 21, 2009 to industry media
For Release Thursday, October 22, 2009 to all other media


For Immediate Release

GUELPH, Canada – October 21, 2009 – For years, research has been singing the benefits of including more essential fatty acids (EFAs) in the average person’s diet, resulting in a multitude of products and supplements with added EFAs such as omega-3s. But needless to say, bodybuilders aren’t average and neither are their goals. So why should they be interested in EFAs? The answer is simple: EFAs can help make a serious difference in their training. But getting enough EFAs isn’t easy. Usually, the body gets EFAs from a variety of sources, including fish, seafood, seeds and nuts, but most of these aren’t a significant enough part of the average bodybuilder’s diet. That’s where an omega-3 supplement such as FUSION BODYBUILDING’s new OMEGA•OIL comes in.

OMEGA•OIL is one of the few EFA products developed specifically for bodybuilders. It’s been scientifically developed for bodybuilders to help them protect muscle, burn fat, reduce joint inflammation and pain, improve insulin response, improve cardiovascular health, increase mood quality and promote brain cell growth. And unlike other EFA supplements, OMEGA•OIL isn’t filled with omega-3 oils from other sources, such as flaxseeds. It uses only an exclusive three-fish blend, because fish oils have been scientifically shown to trigger the most rapid increase of key EFA components in the blood, much faster than flax oil. That ensures bodybuilders get EFAs into their systems sooner so they see results sooner.

“It’s about results and about staying healthy,” Jeff Wilde, one of the developers of OMEGA•OIL, says. “We here at FUSION BODYBUILDING created OMEGA•OIL because we knew how important EFAs were for bodybuilders, and we also know that most bodybuilders aren’t getting enough in their protein-heavy, low-fat diets. We wanted to give bodybuilders an omega-3 supplement made just for them so it could help them stay healthy and reach their goals. OMEGA•OIL has surpassed our expectations, and I’m sure it’s going to surpass the expectations of serious bodybuilders too.”

Founded in 1998 by Ryan Herniman and Adrian Burke, FUSION BODYBUILDING is a top nutraceutical company dedicated to providing bodybuilding supplements to true followers of the sport. All of FUSION’s products start in the gym and are perfected in the lab by its innovative research and development team. FUSION products are sold worldwide.



A Great SLEEPING•GIANT Testimonial.

Received via email.

Subject: Product Review SLEEPING•GIANT

Just to make a long story short I can go on and on about this stack but I have purchased 2 lots of this stack off a friend of mine who bought a bunch of these in bulk and man o man the gains are unbelievable! I have never been so impressed with a product stack as this one ever. I am on week 3 of this stack and for some reason my body is mutating. I would be more than glad to represent your company with transformation pictures and updates. Just let me know if interested. I will post new pics this week of my crazy gains from my so far 3 week stack. Feel free to visit my Body Blog on

Rob Vaters

Thursday, October 15, 2009


I wanted to send a big congratulation to Aleisha Hart for kicking some ass down in Fort Lauderdale this weekend past. This is only Aleisha’s second show as an IFBB Pro-Figure competitor but she’s making her mark felt with the judges. I recently had the opportunity to sit down with her and her fiancee, Bryan Deasley, at the Olympia. I wasn’t quite sure what to expect, but what I quickly realized was this duo was the real deal. They are in this sport together and really bring a fresh and honest outlook to the competitive figure scene. Their approach is working as not only does Aleisha continue to improve onstage but she has 2 multi-page spreads in American Curves and Muscle Mag this month…you’ll have to check them out. Here is some of what you’ll find in MuscleMag; keep in mind Bryan’s nickname is ‘Diesel’. :-)


Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Thursday, October 01, 2009

Caffeine works, right?

Everyone knows that caffeine boosts performance, right? Everyday experience proves it – but not always. Here’s where it gets interesting.

Researchers informed healthy study participants that they were testing the effects of caffeine on performance and post-exercise heart rate. One group of study participants was told it would be given a caffeine drink immediately prior to their workouts, while other participants were told they were taking a placebo, an inert drink containing no active caffeine. However, rather than actually giving a caffeine drink to one of the groups, the researchers gave participants in both groups a placebo.

Researchers then had all participants from both groups perform single-leg leg-extension exercises for 15 repetitions at 60 percent of their one-rep max, and the results were interesting.

Researchers found that study subjects who believed they had received the caffeine drink performed two additional repetitions during the leg extension and reported feeling as though they had worked less hard than subjects who performed the same exercise without what they believed to be the caffeine drink. In this case, believing made all the difference.

Researchers concluded, “the perception of consuming a substance that purportedly enhances performance is sufficient enough to enable individuals to complete a greater number of reps to failure during short-term resistance exercise.”

So here’s your FUSION FACTOID: Caffeine works big time, but not for everyone, and caffeine can stop working for you even if you get a kick out of it now. This research makes it clear that although caffeine works well, it’s really the mind that’s the power behind most of its effects. Caffeine works because it affects your mind and gets you energized and focused. But you can do this naturally by visualizing your workout before you do it. Mix both caffeine and visualization together, and you have a serious recipe for an intense workout and muscle growth! So use them together, but never neglect or forget about the importance of having control over both your muscles and your mind.

Source: Int J Sports Physiol Perform. 2009 Jun;4(2):244-53.