Friday, July 17, 2009

Do cardio, burn fat - and stay amped!

Ever wish you could do cardio, get beyond ripped and totally avoid cardio fatigue? Until now, this was seemingly impossible – a bodybuilder’s pipe dream – but breaking research just published in the International Journal of Sports Medicine shows that you can now do cardio, burn a lot of fat and still be amped after your session. And here’s the best part: They reveal the protocol and it’s easy to do!

Scientists found that running speed and blood glucose levels were related. When study participants ran faster on a running task, the total amount of sugar in their blood decreased by a predictable rate. As this happened, concentrations of lactate also increased, leading to fatigue. Simply put, blood glucose levels are predictive of failure and fatigue when doing cardio.

Researchers found that drinking an simple carbohydrate drink in divided parts, with an initial glucose load of 20 grams followed by subsequent doses of 5 grams each over the course of cardio, was most effective for maintaining blood glucose levels.

So here’s your FUSION FACTOID: The best way to not get fatigued during long cardio sessions is to maintain your blood glucose levels. Give this protocol a try during your next cardio session. This will help keep lactate levels from increasing, making sure that you don’t tire out before your time is up.

Source: Sotero RC, et al. Blood glucose minimum predicts maximal lactate steady state on running. Int J Sports Med. 2009 Jun 30 [epub ahead of print].

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