Monday, December 14, 2009

V.I.P. Update.

We have been getting a lot of great feedback on our V.I.P. site. The how-to posing and training sections have received a lot of praise. However, here at FUSION BODYBUILDING we are more concerned with what you don't like, what we're doing wrong...because that makes us better. One point of mention was the fact it required between 8 and 10 proof-of-purchases to receive FUSION gear. The feeling was that's way too many...that we were expecting too much. So...after some quick decision making, we've decided to chop that number in half. You'll now only need to submit 4-5proof-of-purchases for your choice of hat, skully or t-shirt.

FUSION users know what's right and from time to time we need to be told. So, please keep your feedback coming and we'll be sure to keep getting better.


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