Monday, September 28, 2009

The dumbbell with the dumbbell.

Warning! This post might disturb some readers.

In the gym one of the fundamental tools in our struggle to increase our muscle size is a dumbbell. But one Newport Beach, California resident took the use of a dumbbell plate waaaay too far. In an attempt to pump-up the size of his – um, "man muscle", ah, you know, his penis – he put his apparently wee "willy" in the dumbbell hole (no, not like the gag gift above). Then after two days of being unable to remove his "john thomas" from the hole due to swelling, and realizing that it turning black and ballooning to five time its normal size wasn't the kind of growth he was looking for, he went to the hospital. The docs had to call in the local fire department to cut the plate off. Which, they actually did without harming him. Think I'm lying? Nope, it was first reported in the Newport Beach Daily Pilot. Read it for yourself. The lesson to be learned here? Be happy with what you can't change, and focus on improving what you can, oh, and make sure to wash your hands after touching the dumbbells if you're ever in Newport Beach.

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