Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Wholesale Whores

The FUBAR has kicked in and I have some issues to discuss. I get in the office this morning and right away a customer calls me to say there is another Purple-K being offered from another wholesaler at a cheaper price. Firstly, it is a compliment to have every generic Kre-Alkalyn north of the border being compared to Purple-K since we did pave the road of success with an awesome ingredient. However, with all of the hard work it takes to keep Purple-K out of the mass-market and keeping it away from discount stores, who have no clue about what they are selling, these stores still continue to buy from these wholesale whores. They just ride the wave we created.

For these retailers or friends of retailers, have you never heard of exclusivity? Why in the hell do you what to sell the same thing that your nearest competitor has? They are dropping their margins like the wholesalers are dropping their pants for the retailers to pick up their generic products.

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Another issue I have to get off my chest is shot gun theory creatine products. Most of these products are all proprietary blends and you have no clue about how much is in each serving. Are you even getting the suggested amount of each ingredient that has been researched to be effective? Hello - all of the ingredients in these pre-mixes have different densities. Again, what this means is that you never know what you are getting per serving.

I am sure many of you treat your body like a fortress so why do you not take care of it and make sure that you know what you are putting into your hard earned muscles. Unless you know exactly what you are taking in these pre-mixes, create your own concoctions and reap the benefits.

Purple-K is the “King of Creatine” and that is final.

Chris – VP Sales

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