Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Wanna Be BIG? Can The Beer...

It's a fact: bodybuilders exist to build rock-hard, eye-popping muscle – to get huge!

To get huge, you have to eat and lift heavy. Some bodybuilders – especially younger bodybuilders – have taken to drinking beer because of the common misconception that the added calories from beer can aide in muscle building. Not so.

Science shows that alcohol doesn't just prevent muscle growth, but it also makes you fat – and keeps you that way.

Alcohol is calorie dense – with each gram of alcohol packing a whopping 7.5 calories. per gram) These empty calories increase your overall energy intake, and also negatively impact your hormone profile by supressing beta-adrenergic receptor activity – the activity that triggers fat incineration.

Bottom Line: Beer makes your fat and keeps you that way.

So next time you're thinking about having a brew, can the beer instead and focus on increasing your testosterone and muscle growth the right way: by working out hard and eating right.

Source: Endocrinology, in press; published online June 22, 2006.

- FUSION Research Team

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