Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Tendon Injury? Go Ballistic!

Let’s face it: injuries suck, but they’re going to happen when you train all-out for unparalleled muscle growth that makes you the envy of everyone in your gym. In fact, for many bodybuilders – especially the top level professionals – injuries are chronic and are an accepted side-effect of being the best. Simply: being injured comes with the territory when you give your all.

Many different kinds of injuries exist, but the most common are muscle, nerve, joint and tendon injuries, with tendon injuries being among the most annoying, painful, debilitating for bodybuilders. Thankfully, new research shows that far from sitting still and quitting training, going ballistic is the answer for fast recovery.

Specifically, researchers now believe that ballistic stretching helps joints become more compliant, resulting in accelerated increases in range-of-motion and functionality following injury.

So here’s your FUSION FACTOID: Rather than sitting home and nursing an injury while neglecting your training, the science shows that you should instead utilize ballistic stretching to get back into top form.

- FUSION Research Team

Source: E Witvrouw, et al. The role of stretching in tendon injuries. Br J Sports Med 2007;41:224–226.

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