Monday, August 18, 2008

Leave Your Sisters "Puffer" Alone...

It's funny but true: for years, many young bodybuilders – and even some older ones – have tried to get the competitive edge in the gym by using asthma inhalers under the idea that the “steroid” and the beta-2 agonist ingredients in the inhalers will improve performance and build muscle.

So do they? Not at all!

A study by German researchers found that the use of asthma inhalers did not improve endurance performance, anaerobic muscle power or strength performance.

So, here's your FUSION FACTOID: If you're a bodybuilder who is thinking about using an asthma inhaler, forget it – it will do nothing for your performance and may, in fact, hurt you. And, if you're currently using an asthma puffer under the illusion that it helps you get the “edge”, stop it – it not only doesn't give you the edge, it makes you look silly! Instead, improve your cardio capacity by doing the work, and get stronger by lifting heavier, longer and more often.

- FUSION Research Team

Source: Wilfried Kindermann.Do Inhaled β2-Agonists have an Ergogenic Potential in Non-Asthmatic Competitive Athletes? Sports Med 2007; 37 (2): 95-102.


Ronald said...

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