Monday, October 15, 2007

Reasons and Methods for Improving Grip Strength

There are some very valid reasons why an individual would want to improve grip strength:

1) Boost one’s ego – a bit shallow, yes.

2) Will provide symmetry to a physique, so your biceps and triceps don’t over power the forearms in a pose.

3) Perhaps most importantly, help you lift more weight on certain exercises such as dead lifts and rows, and this can potentially help you achieve insane numbers.

The methods for improving grip strength are numerous, but they all encompass one aspect - don’t neglect your forearms in the gym! Thankfully, a variety of methods are available on how you can train your forearms. You can add hammer curls, which would hit both your forearms and biceps. Or superset reverse wrist curls and wrist curls using a thick barbell. All of this can be done the same day you hit your biceps, or even back. Another method is using a kettle bell, which is an old school version of the dumbbell and always one to do a single exercise with one apparatus. To view some different exercises using a kettle bell and improving grip strength, check out this great article on

Often people ask if it’s all right to use wrist straps in the gym. In my opinion straps should only be used under certain conditions and should not be used for every exercise, or if it neglects your back training. Say you burned out your grip doing a few sets of heavy dead lifts, and your grip is the failing out point. Now would be a good time to use straps – preferably chalk, however, only if your gym allows it.

- Kurt Kuhn

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