Monday, October 29, 2007

My SND Experience.

This past weekend Sport Nutrition Depot and Popeye’s Supplements across Ontario, Canada had their Customer Appreciation Day. I was lucky enough to be in the Waterloo, SND location on Saturday and WOW – the service was great! The last experience that I had of this type of service was when I attended the Mr. Olympia in the adult fun park of Las Vegas. For those of you who have ever attended one of their stylish nightclubs you will know what I am talking about. You walk in and this big-ass doorman greets you with a smile and asks where you would like to sit and even takes your coat – gets the waitress over to you and the drink is in your hands minutes later. Well this is what it felt like walking through the door at Sport Nutrition Depot in Waterloo. The big-ass doorman opened the door, gave me a greeting, and cleared the path through one hell of a line-up that can’t be described, and I took care of my business. A killer experience!

- Chris Belanger -

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