Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Cardio Can Come In Handy

Belgium is a land known for beer, chocolate and as the real inventors of french fries (which by the way they dip in mayo instead of ketchup,) so maybe it’s not such a surprise that their bodybuilders seem to need a little help. If you haven’t heard yet, this past weekend the National Amateur Body Building Association of Belgium had a little problem at their national competition. As a doping official came in through the front door, the 20 bodybuilders signed up to compete when out the back door. Can you just imaging 20 huge carb-deprived guys huffing a puffing down the street, leaving a trail of pro-tan footprints behind them? The Belgium NABBA has been plagued with steroid problems. Last year alone 22 of 29 competitors either tested positive for steroids or refused testing. This year the Belgium competition was moved north across the border into the Netherlands. I guess all the competitors felt pretty confident that doping officials would not be crossing the border with them. They guessed wrong. "This was the first time though we turned up in the Netherlands," doping official Hans Cooman told the Associated Press, "they must have felt safe out there." Competition organizers had no choice but to call the competition off.

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