Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Eating a medium pizza instead of an extra-large is not a diet

As bodybuilders, we know what it takes to diet down: dedication, eating clean and training hard. Of course, there are many different methods and styles of gettin’ it done. Just some examples include carb cycling vs. carb reduction, as well as no cardio vs. intervals vs. living on the treadmill. Though we debate over which is the “best” way, we can respect each other’s opinions.

But we have to draw the line somewhere, and I think I’ve found that line: the diet plan of Paul Mason, the fattest guy in the world. I recently came across this story in English tabloid The Sun

The article begins with an intriguing lead: “The world’s fattest man is set to reveal his weight-LOSS tips – as he writes his autobiography.” But here’s the line that really gets me: “He used to gorge on 20,000 calories a day – EIGHT times what the average man eats.”

Sure, this guy lost 280 pounds and is down to a slim and trim 700. But at that weight, just walking to the washroom has to burn some serious calories. So what insights can he offer? Forgive me, Paul Mason, but I think I’ll be spending my time eating protein and sweating instead of reading your book.

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