Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Posing for Wii posers

There are hundreds of video games out there – some good, some bad – but a new game for the Wii makes you wonder what the heck they were thinking. It’s called Muscle March, and it’s a Japanese hole-in-the-wall game in which you control bodybuilders who have to hit the proper bodybuilding poses to make it through – you guessed it – holes in the wall.

Here’s the official blurb:

The official Muscle March™ is a quirky Japanese action game stuffed full of macho bodybuilders. The all mighty protein powder has been stolen so it’s up to Tony and his muscle-bound crew to catch the thieves. Choose from a variety of perfectly molded superstars and bring these terrible villains to justice. As each thief attempts his escape, he will smash through walls while making a variety of poses. You must match these poses to fit through the holes and catch up to the thieves. The protein powder will be yours again!

Now, you know I love my protein powder, but this game looks horrible. At least it gave me a laugh. Hope it gives you one too.

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Steroids Blog said...

In the orginal Japanese version of the game it's stolen steroids and not stolen protein powder you are chasing, shame on Nintendo for being so politically correct.