Monday, March 22, 2010

GNC Canada to carry FUSION’s OMEGA•OIL

GUELPH, Canada – March 22, 2010 – If you visit your local GNC store today, you’ll discover something different on the shelves. Today is the first day that GNC stores in Canada will carry OMEGA•OIL, FUSION BODYBUILDING’s essential fatty acid (EFA) supplement. A recent addition to FUSION’s exceptional line of bodybuilding products, OMEGA•OIL is the first EFA supplement formulated exclusively for bodybuilders.

Research clearly shows the benefits of including more EFAs such as omega-3s in our diets. OMEGA•OIL was scientifically developed to help bodybuilders protect muscle, burn fat, reduce joint inflammation and pain, improve insulin response, improve cardiovascular health, increase mood quality and promote brain cell growth. However, unlike other EFA supplements, OMEGA•OIL is made exclusively of fish oil, which is more bioavailable than other sources. It uses an exclusive three-fish blend because fish oils have been scientifically shown to trigger the most rapid increase of key EFA components in the blood, much faster than sources such as flaxseed oil. This gets EFAs into bodybuilders’ systems sooner so they see results sooner.

“We’re very happy that even more bodybuilders will have access to OMEGA•OIL,” says Adrian Burke, co-founder of FUSION BODYBUILDING. “We created OMEGA•OIL because we knew that most bodybuilders aren’t getting enough EFAs in their strict and unique diets. That’s why we created an omega-3 supplement made just for bodybuilders. OMEGA•OIL can help them stay healthy and reach their goals. OMEGA•OIL should definitely be a staple in any bodybuilder’s on-season and off-season diet.”

Founded in 1998 by Ryan Herniman and Adrian Burke, FUSION BODYBUILDING is a top nutraceutical company dedicated to providing bodybuilding supplements to true followers of the sport. All of FUSION’s products start in the gym and are perfected in the lab by its innovative research and development team. FUSION products are sold worldwide.


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