Friday, August 20, 2010

FUSION at the 2010 CBBF Nationals.

Saturday, August 14th was a very exciting and successful outing for the members of Team FUSION. It was the weekend of the CBBF Nationals in Saskatoon and all eyes were on the stage. FUSION has been to many National events, in some of the biggest cities, but this year had a unique flavour about it. Perhaps it’s because the show was expertly produced by Harvey Viteychuk and the fanfare was in full effect. Or maybe it was because the top competitors in each class were incredibly conditioned and the big boys were massive! It’s amazing to see the heights amateur bodybuilding has gotten to. We were honoured to have 3 athletes in the show; Darnell Collins, Jeff Hache and Zaid Adamo. Here are some photos and placings. A huge CONGRATS to you all!

Darnell made the top five in the Light Middleweight class and preformed a commanding routine at the night show. He was a fan favourite!

Jeff Hache took top honours in the Bantamweight class, he was so ripped!

Zaid Adamo from New Foundland took two titles. He won the Men’s Classic Short and the Men’s Lightweight - an amazing accomplishment!


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