Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Berries For A Better Workout?

Eating fruit is good for you, but many of us worry that eating sugary fruit will make us fat. We can rest easy because when consumed in moderation, fruit won’t make us fat – it will only power our workouts and build muscle. And how!

New research shows that eating a mix of dark fruit berries twice daily not only helps trigger muscle growth by combating and crushing workout-induced harmful oxidants but also dramatically enhances cardiovascular capacity and performance, enhances oxygen and nutrient circulation and delivery to muscles, and ultimately leads to better cardio workouts and performance under the iron. Ultimately, then, the research shows that eating mixed berries can get you bigger and stronger faster!
Berries are best consumed two hours prior to your workout and again just before you go to bed at night. Consuming them in this fashion will protect you during your workout from harmful oxidants and will help offset the inflammatory effects of catabolism that occur during the course of the night between meals.

So here’s your FUSION FACTOID: Berries won’t make you fat. By eating moderate amounts of dark berries twice daily at the right times, you can offset the harmful effects of your workouts while simultaneously increasing all aspects of your performance, ultimately producing a better workout and accelerating your recovery and muscle growth!

Source: Am J Clin Nutr. 2008;87:323–31.

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