Tuesday, June 23, 2009

The Big Screen is Getting Crowded.

Rumour has it that Roland Kickinger is going to be steeping into Arnold’s sandals as the next Conan the Barbarian. Though Arnold had garnered some critical acclaim from his roles before Conan, notably a Golden Globe for New Male Star Of The Year for his role in Stay Hungry, it was Conan that truly was his breakout role. It looks like the role is going to give Roland the same opportunity, the question seems to be is he being cast to be Conan, or is he being cast to be Arnold? The parallels between Arnold and Roland and unquestionable. They were both born in Austria, and obviously they’re both bodybuilders. Roland played a T-800 Terminator in the most recent movie, the same model that Arnold made famous. In fact, Roland actually played Arnold in the biographical move See Arnold Run. On the other hand there aren’t that many other actors out there with the physique, or inversely, bodybuilders with the acting experience, to pull off the title role in a feature film. Roland has been acting for years, and while he may not have a Golden Globe for his role as Chip Rommel on Sun of the Beach (check out this clip, he talks after the catfight – you’re welcome > link: http://bit.ly/TpwRJ%20 ) it is acting experience. What other choices are there? A CGI Conan? A Hollywood actor buffing up to wear the loincloth? It’s not as if Jay Cutler is going to be asked to tone down his muffin-top hairdo and pick up a sword. So it’ll be interesting to see if Roland is the barbarian of choice, and if so how the Conan reboot will be approached. Regardless, you know I’m going to go see it. The question is how am I going to sneak my cooler full of chicken into the theatre?

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