Friday, June 12, 2009

Finally an "average" person gets it.

Bodybuilding can be wearisome sometimes. Not the hours in the gym or the endless chicken breasts, though we all know that gets tiresome, what can really grind you down some days is all the judgment. Let’s face it, often the average person just doesn’t get bodybuilding. Go to the beach and you almost guaranteed a ‘he’s gross’ look. They think we’re all on ‘roids and are about to go into a rage, and our junk has shrunk to nothing. And man when you pull out the cooler, forget it. So nothing makes me more happy than reading this article about Stuart MacDonald, average guy from Michigan who makes a documentary about trying to look like the guys in the bodybuilding ads. What he found is it isn’t easy. MacDonald explains, “No one realizes how much dedication it takes to look like those guys (in the fitness ads)” he said. But what impressed me the most is MacDonald’s “revelation” that most of the guys don’t look that way all time and the toll hard dieting really takes, something anyone who has competed already knows. He said in the film: “But it’s getting scary how hard it is to get as lean as I need to get for that photograph to show you how hard it is to look like those people in those photographs. It’s a lie. It’s a complete lie. Nobody can live like that and eat like this. Nobody can do it and function.” So check the full article yourself at and be sure to watch the trailer below.

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